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If ever there was a blueprint on how to build an NBA franchise, the Oklahoma City Thunder are following it to perfection.  No longer can we consider OKC an up-and-coming team because they have officially arrived.  With plenty of cap space and two first round picks in the NBA Draft, the Thunder should become even more of a threat in the Western Conference.

By: Peter Christian and David Kay

’09-’10 Season in Review:
Even though the Oklahoma City Thunder have the worst nickname in professional sports, they exceeded expectations to reach the playoffs for the first time since abandoning Seattle.  Behind the scoring of Kevin Durant the Thunder were one of the most exciting teams to watch during the 2009-10 season.  Alongside Durant are Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook to comprise the core of a youthful team that is most definitely on the rise. Those three meshed very well this year and were able to clinch the 8th seed in the Western Conference and played a very competitive series against the Los Angeles Lakers. Management continues to be wise in their off-season decisions, not over-paying free agents and instead continuing to bring quality young players who fit the team chemistry and play a role alongside the Big 3.  Rookies James Harden and Serge Ibaka are the perfect examples as they acclimated themselves to the team concept under NBA Coach of the Year Scott Brooks and look to be more valuable pieces for the bright future of the worst named team in professional sports.

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