MLB #1 Pick Bryce Harper Signs, with no time to spare

Yesterday was the MLB Draft class signing deadline, so everyone was of course fixated on Bryce Harper, the cocky catcher taken by the Washington Nationals. For most of the day and night it looked like Harper was not going to sign, prompting sports literary legend, and insane curmudgeon Buzz Bissinger to tweet this:

Harper is just being the dumb-assed prick he always was, is and will be. He will never change. Nats fans are in for it.

If you’re not following this crazy old man who Tweets without filter like there’s no tomorrow, please start doing so immediately. You will not be disappointed.

But Harper did eventually come around; just in time for the deadline.

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2010 MLB Draft pick-by-pick rundown and analysis

Bryce Harper

The first round of the 2010 MLB Draft had everything people love about the NFL and NBA drafts: some can’t misses, quite a few surprises, and just as many late round steals.

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2010 MLB Mock Draft 3.0: The Final Countdown

Jameson Taillon

For pick-by-pick analysis of the first round of the MLB Draft, click here.

The 2010 MLB Draft is peaking over the horizon, and the only guaranteed predictions come out of the top three slots. After that, it’s a whirlwind of speculation as the options open up for the remaining 29 selections.

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2010 MLB Mock Draft 2.0 (6-2-10)

Bryce Harper

With the 2010 MLB draft just five days away, it’s time for the second version of its mock up, complete with a few changes big and small.

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