Cleveland Cavaliers Drafting Hometown Kid David Lighty from OSU?


Former Ohio State Buckeyes wing David Lighty, the last member of the “Thad Five” to enter the NBA, grew up a huge Cleveland Cavaliers fan.

Lighty talked at the NBA Draft combine about the prospect of playing for his hometown team.

“I’m pretty sure I will work out with the cleveland cavaliers, but I’m not sure when. It’s getting set up as we speak,” Lighty said.

“It would be pretty big, I know my mother and grandmother would love it. I would love it as well, to grow up there, go to Ohio State. It would be something that’s rare for a player- never leaving the state.”

Very true. It’s hard to think of many players who have done that, played all their basketball in the same state. Playing college basketball and professional in the same area doesn’t even happen all too often.

By Paul M. Banks

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Cleveland Cavaliers Get #1 and #4 Picks in NBA Draft Lottery


This NBA Draft Lottery is like working out on a stair-master- guaranteed to make the calves stronger. (That joke works a lot better when it’s said, not typed)  The Cleveland Cavs will get much stronger come June 23rd when they’ll have the 1st and 4th overall picks.

Yes, the Cavaliers have the #1 and #4 overall choices in this year’s NBA Draft.

It’s a nice way for the Cavaliers to start rebuilding their franchise, post Lebron James. Actually, the stroke of phenomenal luck may be the karma police giving Cleveland a get out of jail free card in exchange for the suffering they endured from “The Decision.”

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