Cleveland Cavaliers Get #1 and #4 Picks in NBA Draft Lottery



This NBA Draft Lottery is like working out on a stair-master- guaranteed to make the calves stronger. (That joke works a lot better when it’s said, not typed)  The Cleveland Cavs will get much stronger come June 23rd when they’ll have the 1st and 4th overall picks.

Yes, the Cavaliers have the #1 and #4 overall choices in this year’s NBA Draft.

It’s a nice way for the Cavaliers to start rebuilding their franchise, post Lebron James. Actually, the stroke of phenomenal luck may be the karma police giving Cleveland a get out of jail free card in exchange for the suffering they endured from “The Decision.”

Dan Gilbert’s vow to win a championship with the Cavs before LeBron isn’t looking quite as bad today. Well that’s a bit hasty. This is a very weak draft class, and the Bulls man-handling of the Heat on Sunday is not indicative of how the Eastern Conference Finals will play out.

Still somebody hand Gilbert a word processor with COMIC SANS FONT! He needs to type a new letter to honor this occasion. The last time Cleveland had the #1 overall pick, they took the hometown guy, LBJ himself in 2003.

So tonight was a big one for Cavs fans, and if the Bulls do to the Heat in game two what they did in game one, it’ll be another special evening tomorrow. Sunday night was the most watched NBA playoff game in cable television history. 11.1 million viewers, with Chicago and South Florida as the #1 and #2 markets (naturally) within that audience. Guess who was third?

Yep, Cleveland. I think you can guess who’s side Cavaliers fans are taking. But now with two top four picks in tow, they can move on to something new and better.

Do we think they’ll go Irving or Williams? Go here to see our prediction and analysis

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  1. Sports-Glory says

    Good for Cleveland.

  2. Now, here’s to hoping we get Williams and Irving…haha

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