10 Great Group Bonding Games to Form a Stronger Youth Sports Team


Do you want a stronger, passionate youth sports team? Try spending some time with these group bonding games. We share our top picks in this roundup. What’s the most important thing any team needs to have? We all know skills are not enough to win games without teamwork and trust.

But how can you develop those soft skills in your players? Read on for 10 great group bonding games your team is sure to love. 

1. The Perfect Square Team Bonding Game

The perfect square is one of the simplest team building activities that require no prep work. All you need is a long length of rope and blindfolds for each player.

This team bonding game takes around 15-30 minutes and is good for five to twenty players. If you have lots of players, tie two ropes together.

Get everyone to stand in a circle holding the rope with one hand. Then tell the players to put the rope down and tie on their blindfolds.

Each person should take five steps back then come back to the rope. The aim of the game is for the players to make a square with the rope with their eyes covered. To make it extra tricky, you can select certain players to remain silent during the entire game.

The great thing about thing bonding exercise is that it encourages excellent communication and leadership training. 

2. Scavenger Hunt

There’s a reason why The Amazing Race is so popular. Recreate the excitement for your team with your own scavenger hunt.

This is one of those team bonding ideas that lets you be as creative and silly as you want. It works just as well inside as it does outside.

Break your group into at least two teams. More is fine as well. Give each group a list of tasks that they have to complete. They must take a picture of their completed task as proof.

Some of the tasks can be things like making a human pyramid, taking a selfie with a stranger, finding a rock that looks like another object and so on.

The first team to complete all the tasks wins! Or you can set a timer and whoever completes the most tasks during the time limit wins.

If you want to get really creative, you can award points for each task according to difficulty.

Your team will have fun working together to complete the tasks. Enjoy a scoop of ice cream as a group for a reward. 

3. Human Knot

Here is another team bonding game that requires no prep and this one requires no equipment!

It’s best for a group of eight to 20 people and will take around 15-30 minutes to complete.

To play, have the players stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder. Ask everyone to reach out with their right hand and grab hands with one person, randomly.

Then do the same thing with their left hand. Set a timer and see how long it takes for the group to untangle themselves without letting go of their hands.

If you have a big team, you can make two smaller human knots. 

This game relies on teamwork and good communication, and it’s a lot of fun. You can’t go wrong with this exercise for your sports team.

4. Escape Room

One of the most enjoyable team-building activity you can do with your team is an escape room. Your team will have a blast racing against the clock to figure out the clues and escape from a locked room.

There are plenty of themes to choose from. For example, Breakout Games has a hostage on a plane scenario as well as a kidnapping and mysterious mansion escape room.

Put on your sleuthing cap and bring your team to an unforgettable time in an escape room.

5. Hot Lava

Hot lava should not be confused with the popular, “the floor is lava” game. Hot lava involves using two large bed sheets and is good for teams of up to 20 people.

Each bedsheet represents an island. The object of the game is to be the first team to turn over their sheet without anyone falling into (or stepping on) the hot lava all-around their island.

6. Hot Dog Tag

Sometimes, what your team really needs is a good laugh. Hot dog tag is sure to provide that in barrels!

Hot dog tag is just like the classic tag game, with a twist.

Whenever a player is tagged, he or she must lie down on the ground. To get back in the game, two other players must come and lay down on either side of the person. All three need to yell “hot dog” before getting up.

It’s up to you to decide if the players can or can’t be tagged while they are making their hot dog. 

Take turns choosing a different “it” and play for as long as you like.

7. Never Have I Ever

This is one of the most popular team bonding games out there. It encourages your team to get to know each other better.

Start by sitting in a circle. Pick one person to start and share one thing they have never, ever done. If you want, you can make them be sports-related like” I have never played goalie.”

Everyone else in the circle must raise their hand if they have done the thing the speaker mentioned.

Your whole team will get a good laugh playing this game as they learn more about their teammates.

8. Build a Bridge 

For this team bonding game, you’ll need to make kits for however many teams you have.

Each mini-team will need a bowl of water and popsicle sticks, string, putty and so on. Give them 30 minutes to work together to build a bridge that can cross the bowl of water.

When the timer beeps, ask each group to show off their bridge. You can place pebbles, one at a time, on the bridge to see which one is the strongest. 

9. Silly Skills Building

Once in a while, it’s fun to just be silly as a team. You can set up a mock skill training session for your sport.

If you have a baseball team, you can work on hitting water balloon pitches. If you have a soccer team, give binocular soccer a go.

10. Car Wash

Chances are, your team needs to raise money for uniforms, equipment, or travel. Instead of selling chocolate door to door, why not host a car wash?

This is one of those team bonding activities that have a purpose. Your group will have fun, get wet and soapy, and work towards a common goal.

Final Thoughts on Group Bonding Games

There you have it! 10 awesome group bonding games and activities that will help your team become closer.

Remember, if the team is having fun and laughing while they work together, they are more likely to form those connections that are vital for success.

Keep coming back here often for more sports and entertainment articles to enjoy. 

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