Isaac Haas Accused of Knowingly Spreading STDs; Sued for $1M


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If you’ve ever had a detailed conversation with Isaac Haas, then you would agree that he is essentially the last person you would expect to be implicated in a story like this. The 7’2″ former Purdue Boilermakers center is being sued for $1,000,000 in civil court by his former sexual partner, Alyssa Chambers. The suit, filed yesterday, accuses Haas of lying about his having contracted sexually transmitted diseases, and therefore knowingly infecting others.

Isaac Haas has yet to comment publicly on these allegations. Purdue University and Purdue basketball coach Matt Painter declined the opportunity to comment publicly.

isaac haas

Via the Lafayette Courier-Journal:

Chambers and Haas engaged in a brief sexual encounter on May 15, 2017, according to a notice of civil tort filed with the lawsuit. Chambers was found to be infected with herpes two weeks later, according to the filing, which also names Purdue University and Madison Millsaps as defendants in the case.

Chambers’ notice of civil tort filing indicates she did not have sexual relations with anyone but Haas between May 15 and June 7, 2017, the date of her diagnosis with herpes.

The school is named in the lawsuit because Chambers claims that the Purdue leading scorer and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Award finalist told her in text messages that he had been tested, diagnosed and successfully treated for a STD earlier by Purdue University Student Health Services. This treatment was undocumented by the university. The suit alleges Haas told Chambers that he was clean after undergoing treatment.

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Madison Millsaps, according to the filing, is an associate of Issac Haas (long rumored to be his former girlfriend as well) who has potential legal liability for Chambers being infected. That’s because she, along with Haas and Purdue coaches, allegedly tried to cover up Haas’ STDs, according to the filing. The suit contains copies of electronic conversations between the parties involved, and you can view those at Deadspin.

The full suit and its exhibits, obtained by the Purdue Exponent, are available at the Deadspin link.

The one million dollars Chambers seeks is compensation for injuries, damages, costs and expenses related to the infection.

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