Urban Meyer Caught Grinding with Woman Who Isn’t His Wife (Video)


(UPDATE: Urban Meyer receives public vote of confidence from Jaguars ownership, but multiple reports indicate he’s lost the dressing room/whole team is laughing at him)

Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer was caught on video last night “interacting” with a woman who is a.) not his wife and b.) significantly younger than he. And when we say “interacting,” we mean that the as of now unidentified woman was twerking up on him, basically giving him a lap dance.

Meyer, 57, is overtly flirting with a woman who is probably in the ballpark of 21 to 28 years in age. Will be interesting to see what his wife Shelly thinks of this. (This photo of Urban Meyer is going more viral than the infamous cold pizza on a golf cart from Lucas Oil Field, 2013 Big Ten Title Game)

Of course, the fact that he was photographed wearing a pink Ohio State pullover, pretty much telegraphing who he is, indicates he almost wants to get caught. Perhaps he wants the Jaguars to fire him, as we all know how unhappy he is there.

I guess he’s even willing to jeopardize his marriage in order to get out of his current gig (and maybe take the USC job?) You’ll recall how he apparently covered for/seemingly looked the other way while one of his assistant coaches was beating his own wife while both at Ohio State.

By the way, here is the video that is currently making the rounds:

And just in case you are not sure that it’s really him, take a look at this:

And again at the other photo below:

Urban Meyer, no stranger to scandal (Rolling Stone once reported that he may have covered up some  of Aaron Hernandez’s transgressions when they were at Florida together), at any stop of his coaching career (Utah, Florida, Ohio State- check out how many players have gotten arrested while in his programs) is used to finding himself in public firestorms.

While his camp and people have yet to make a public statement on this, you know how the cycle goes.

This sums it up best:

Following the fallout from this latest Urban Meyer escapade should be interesting to say the least.

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  1. She’s a young hot woman looking for attention in all the wrong places. This was probably her first brush with stardom so she does what unclassey women do. Unfortunately, the celebrity gets all the bad publicity for not quickly responding to her inappropriate behavior, befor some quick draw with his pocket cell pulled their trigger on Urban. Many of men probably would have taken it to the next level of play. She’s just another little horney bar hopper!

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