Tom Brady Wants to Push the Tempo This 2011 Patriots Season



According to a Rasmussen poll, 18% of respondents believe the New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl this year. Many pundits are picking them to claim the AFC. And it’s easy to understand why with all the moves they made this offseason. But one factor that determine how far the Pats go this NFL season is if they get more velocity into the game management of their offense.

Remember that 11 minute drive to nowhere while begin down 2+ scores at the time in the second half of their postseason loss to the New York Jets? A semi-retarded chimpanzee would find that debacle in idiocy mind-numbing and frustrating. Hopefully, Brady and the Boys can get the offense working much faster this fall.

After sitting out the Patriots’ preseason opening rout over the Jacksonville Jaguars (again, it’s preseason therefore scoreboards about as accurate and meaningful as compliments a stripper gives you) Brady went 11-19 for 118, 2 TDs in one half of work during last week’s triumph over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now he’s focused on building on….

“Tempo is always something we talk about,”

Brady said at his weekly Q&A with the media Wednesday at Gillette Stadium.

“Coaches really think it’s important. You get into rhythm out there and it’s hard when you have a bad tempo, a slow rhythm to the offense. Guys are walking back to huddle, walking to line. You have a bad play and you’re walking back to huddle. To me, when we get a good tempo, I like to keep the pressure on the defense rather than give them time to catch their breath. I really enjoy that. That’s why I love being in the two-minute drill as well, it’s mandatory fast tempo. You rush to the line of scrimmage, see the coverage, the ball snaps, you make throw, and you’re right on to the next play. If we do that well, it can be a great strength for our team.”

“put the pressure on a defense,” but how much faster can they go? Bucs DT Gerald McCoy complained last week,

“Dang! Um, Mr. Brady, can we line up?”

If the Pats are truly going to be the Imperial team of 2007 (except this time actually close the deal and live up to those expectations) they need be able to step on their opponents throats when they’re down. It means killing them slowly by grinding clock, or running up the score with quick strikes. They’ll have to be able to do both.

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