Tom Brady Throws for Patriots, MNF Passing Record: New England 38, Miami 24

This is why we get so unnaturally excited about football isn’t it? A new Monday Night Football and New England Patriots franchise record for passing yards  and Tom Brady goes 32-48 for 517! 4 TDs 1 INT, 121.6 passer rating.

And there’s still another game left to be played tonight!

-I freely admit that I vastly prefer college football to the NFL, but it’s hard to make that argument as the NFL becomes such a pass happy league and shapes it’s product to be more passer friendly. It is indeed “white collar football.” And white collar football is by far the best brand of football.

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New England Patriots Look Kinda Bad in 34-10 Loss to Detroit Lions

patriots female fans

Again, it’s preseason football and therefore scoreboards about as accurate and meaningful as compliments a stripper gives you, but losing 34-10 to the Detroit Lions wasn’t very promising for the New England Patriots because well, their starters got beaten kinda badly by Motown’s starters.

Chad Ochocinco did not have a good game. He dropped a pass, and had zero catches while being thrown to four times.

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Tom Brady Wants to Push the Tempo This 2011 Patriots Season


According to a Rasmussen poll, 18% of respondents believe the New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl this year. Many pundits are picking them to claim the AFC. And it’s easy to understand why with all the moves they made this offseason. But one factor that determine how far the Pats go this NFL season is if they get more velocity into the game management of their offense.

Remember that 11 minute drive to nowhere while begin down 2+ scores at the time in the second half of their postseason loss to the New York Jets? A semi-retarded chimpanzee would find that debacle in idiocy mind-numbing and frustrating. Hopefully, Brady and the Boys can get the offense working much faster this fall.

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Illinois Takes Down Oakland in Weird, Wild Fashion

Illinois illini

It took finding out there was a women’s basketball in play for the first eight minutes of the game to get the Illini shooting a little.

“Our kids said something right away, but I was like, ‘You guys are just missing shots, shut up and play,'” Illinois head coach Bruce Weber said after the game. “I kept saying, they’re scoring, it can’t be too bad of a ball!”

And though the Illini went on to trail by as much as nine points in the second half, they immediately reeled off an 18-0 run and were able to rally for a 74-63 win over a VERY game Oakland Golden Grizzlies squad. [Read more…]