Tom Brady Throws for Patriots, MNF Passing Record: New England 38, Miami 24


This is why we get so unnaturally excited about football isn’t it? A new Monday Night Football and New England Patriots franchise record for passing yards  and Tom Brady goes 32-48 for 517! 4 TDs 1 INT, 121.6 passer rating.

And there’s still another game left to be played tonight!

-I freely admit that I vastly prefer college football to the NFL, but it’s hard to make that argument as the NFL becomes such a pass happy league and shapes it’s product to be more passer friendly. It is indeed “white collar football.” And white collar football is by far the best brand of football.

-Aaron Hernandez you have arrived, you had your break out game (7-103-1), but the other Tight End who plays/starts sort of, Rob Gronkowski had 6-86-1 and he does things like this: tweeting pics of this sort to Kate Upton, the hottest woman alive

-Chad Henne was no slouch either, throwing for over 400 yards in the “Michigan Man” match-up of QB. I think 933 combined passing yards answers the “be a Michigan Man today, step up to your obligation” requirement.

-Brady did say in the preseason that they would push the tempo on offense this season, they certainly got enough extra plays in tonight!

-I “can’t wait” like Bart Scott for the NFL network show about Bill Belichick….wait I need to take that back, I learned my lesson from MLB Network’s “the club.” That horribly banal show somehow made Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams look boring through it’s Stalinesque spin and sanitation. Let’s hop the NFL doesn’t do the same thing here with BB.

I’m rooting for an actual reality show, not Soviet Union like propaganda showing headlines on three week delay- exactly what we got with the White Sox show in 2010

-Tweet of the night

@PeterBurnsRadio: Not sure what I’m more impressed w/. Brady throwing for 511 yds or the fact 358 of them went to white WR’s.

-Yes, white collar football doesn’t require white wide receivers, actually it discourages them. But whatever, we’ll take it.

-All that hype about Chad OchoCinco this preseason and it’s Deion Branch who looks like the go-to-guy so far. Try imagining that back in 2006 when Branch and the Pats had that horrible divorce induced by the franchise tag.

-Richie Incognito is the most awesomest name ever. Yes I know awesomest is not really a word.

-Vontae Davis left early with cramps, and what a difference that made as the former Illini stud’s absence led to some secondary shuffling, and also Jason Taylor no longer creating a pass rush when he got banged up changed the entire scope for the Dolphins.

-That’s why the worst free safety play in the history of the league occurred on the 99 yard Wes Welker TD catch. Where was the help? Why did the FS look like he was committing to stopping a 7 yard hitch? WTF? was he doing?

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