Packer Players Tweet Expletives, Frustrations at NFL Replacement Refs


packers replacement refs

NFL replacement refs reached a new level of embarrassing at the end of Monday night’s game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks.  And there were bad calls on both sides so it is not just me calling sour grapes because my team lost.  Several Packer players took their frustrations to Twitter after the Hail Mary that resulted in a controversial 14-12 loss.  While Mike McCarthy bit his tongue during the post-game press conference, Packers and other NFL players vented their frustrations/baffling-amazement on-line.

Packers starting guard T.J. Lang started the fun:

“Got f*#ked by the refs.. Embarrassing. Thanks nfl”

He later continued:

“F@$k it NFL.. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs.”

“Any player/coach in Seattle that really thinks they won that game has zero integrity as a man and should be embarrassed.”

49ers running back Frank Gore has Lang’s back:

@Frank_Gore: We need to start a fund for @TJLang70 . Dat dude gonna get fined to the moon! #RogerGoodellSucks

Green Bay’s other starting guard Josh Sitton:

“That was bulls#!t. This is getting ridiculous! The NFL needs to get the refs back bfr we strike and they make no money!”

Sitton wasn’t done:

“The nfl needs to come to gb and apologize to us for f@#king us! These refs r bums!”

He still wasn’t done after seeing Golden Tate’s comments about making the game winning catch:

“Golden tate is full of s#!t too. Saying he clearly caught that is embarrassing! F@#king jokers!

Tight end Tom Crabtree also let out his two cents on Twitter:

“13th man beat us tonight. “

His position mate, Jermichael Finley:

“Come on @NFL this s#!t is getting out of Control. Caused us a DAMN game. Horrible!

“@NFL Cheap ass hell!! Get us some NFL REFS! Not PEE WEE league refs! But it’s all Abt the Saints!

Greg Jennings more politely expressed his opinion but still vented his frustrations:

“#NFL C’MON MAN! Can’t even be upset anymore. All I can do is laugh. Laugh at the #NFL for allowing America’s game to come this. WOW!”

Injured Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop:

“Accountability: The moment a player does something to embarrass the shield, swift & immediate action takes place! WHY not now?! Jussayin”

I’ve never seen less than 140 characters be sooooooooo worth a $25,ooo ish fine.  Well worth it.  Hopefully, the NFL takes Lang’s advice and adds that money to the “Bring Back the Real Refs” fund.

In his post-game press conference, Aaron Rodgers kept it simple, “It was awful.  That’s all I’m going to say about it.”

Former Packer safety Nick Collins is on board with his old squad’s feelings as well, tweeting:

“Seattle u can’t feel good about tht win… Because y’all really lost… The refs give y’all the game…”

Even the well-respected but recently outspoken Drew Brees continued his disgust with the replacement refs:

“I love this league and love the game of football, but tonight’s debacle hurts me greatly. This is NOT the league we’re supposed to represent”

Even Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall chimed in:

@BMarshall The regular referees are definitely cheering. #Leverage #Bam

End the madness, NFL!!!!

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  1. way to go Sitton and Lang. telling it like it is. Great collection of all the player tweets too by the way. good job.

  2. I just want to say that it isn’t the refs fault. They can’t help it that they suck. so when you puttin fault on someone…. roger Goodell and the NFL. They’re the ones that got this outis control. Terrible calls… because of the refs…. because of the NFL. So the bigger embarrassment.. is Roger and tjhe NFL

  3. Ghost in the Machine says

    The Pa

  4. billy joe sampson-fergueson says

    i like pie and eat it every day for ever. P.S the best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time.

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