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by Peter Christian

The NFL Draft is just over 24 hours from starting and we at the Sports Bank would like to provide you with an updated look at what each team needs going into the draft and coming out of the free agency signing smörgåsbord. Yes, I just used smorgasbord in a NFL Draft post with the proper umlauts and such. Enjoy.

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Team        Defensive Front	   #1 Need  #2 Need  #3 Need
Arizona	        3-4 Defense	     OT	     DE	     CB
Atlanta	        4-3 Defense	     OG	     DT	      S
Baltimore       3-4 Defense	     DE	     CB	      S
Buffalo	        4-3 Defense	     OG	     QB	     WR
Carolina        4-3 Defense	     QB	      S	     WR
Chicago         4-3 Defense	     OT	     DE	     QB
Cincinnati      4-3 Defense	     OG	      S	     DE
Cleveland       3-4 Defense	     RB	     WR	      S
Dallas	        3-4 Defense	     DT	     OT	     OG
Denver	        3-4 Defense	     WR	     TE	     OG
Detroit	        4-3 Defense	     DT	     LB	     OL
Green Bay       3-4 Defense	     OT	     DE	     CB
Houston	        4-3 Defense	     DB	     OT	     WR
Indianapolis    4-3 Defense           S	     CB	     DT
Jacksonville    4-3 Defense          QB	     DT	     WR
Kansas City     3-4 Defense          DT	     WR	     RB
Miami   3-4 Defense(Hybrid)          DE	     DT	      S
Minnesota       4-3 Defense	     CB	     OL	     QB
New England     3-4 Defense	     RB	     DE	     OT
New Orleans     4-3 Defense	     DE	     OG	     LB
New York Giants 4-3 Defense          DT	     CB	     LB
New York Jets   3-4 Defense           S	     DT	     DE
Oakland	        4-3 Defense	     OL	     DT	     CB
Philadelphia    4-3 Defense           S	     RB	     QB
Pittsburgh      3-4 Defense	     OT	     CB	     DT
San Diego       3-4 Defense	     RB	     OG	     WR
San Francisco   3-4 Defense          DE	      S      OG
Seattle	        4-3 Defense	     OT	     DT	     WR
St. Louis       4-3 Defense	     QB	     OL	     DB
Tampa Bay       4-3 Defense	     WR	     DT	     DB
Tennessee       4-3 Defense	     OG	     DE	     DB
Washington      4-3 Defense	     OT	     OG	     LB
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  1. jmccormick says

    I think the Packers need an OLB before they need a DE, but I wouldn’t argue if we got a good one of either.

  2. paulmbanks says

    And they need a OT, a OG and another OG and OT before that. I’m hoping Pete can somehow work “Get F–ed Sun” into one of his NFL Draft articles..don’t know how, but I’m sure he’ll find a way!

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