NFL Draft Team Needs

by Peter Christian

The NFL Draft is just over 24 hours from starting and we at the Sports Bank would like to provide you with an updated look at what each team needs going into the draft and coming out of the free agency signing smörgåsbord. Yes, I just used smorgasbord in a NFL Draft post with the proper umlauts and such. Enjoy.

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Click here to see Paul M. Banks’ final mock draft (round 1round 2 and round 3)

To read more about a specific team, or in some cases preview their 2010 NFL Draft click on the team name where highlighted.

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NFL Team Needs: Every Team!

By Peter Christian

What does your NFL team REALLY need this offseason? What will they focus on this draft/free agency period? Read on to find out.

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NFL Mock Draft 1-12

By Paul M. Banks and Peter Christian

We’ve expanded to 2 rounds this week!!! When you’re done reading Round one here, be sure to click here for the second round

Or read round 2 before you read the first round, whatever floats your boat.

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