NFL Team Needs: Every Team!


By Peter Christian

What does your NFL team REALLY need this offseason? What will they focus on this draft/free agency period? Read on to find out.

Team Defensive Front #1 Need #2 Need #3 Need
Arizona 3-4 Defense OT OG DE
Atlanta 4-3 Defense DB DE OG
Baltimore 3-4 Defense WR DE CB
Buffalo 4-3 Defense OG QB DB
Carolina 4-3 Defense LB QB WR
Chicago 4-3 Defense S WR OG
Cincinnati 4-3 Defense OG S WR
Cleveland 3-4 Defense LB DB OT
Dallas 3-4 Defense OT OG FS
Denver 3-4 Defense OG DE DT
Detroit 4-3 Defense DT DB DE
Green Bay 3-4 Defense OT OG CB
Houston 4-3 Defense DB OT OG
Indianapolis 4-3 Defense DB OT DT
Jacksonville 4-3 Defense QB DE S
Kansas City 3-4 Defense OT DT DB
Miami 3-4 Defense(Hybrid) ILB OLB DT
Minnesota 4-3 Defense DT OG QB
New England 3-4 Defense RB ILB OLB
New Orleans 4-3 Defense DE OG OT
New York Giants 4-3 Defense S CB LB
New York Jets 3-4 Defense LB S WR
Oakland 4-3 Defense OT OG LB
Philadelphia 4-3 Defense DE DB OLB
Pittsburgh 3-4 Defense OT OG DT
San Diego 3-4 Defense DT DE ILB
San Francisco 3-4 Defense OT DT DB
Seattle 4-3 Defense OT DE QB
St. Louis 4-3 Defense QB OT S
Tampa Bay 4-3 Defense DE DT OT
Tennessee 4-3 Defense DT DE DB
Washington 4-3 Defense OT OG QB


  1. jmccormick says

    I’d say the Packers need another pass rusher desperately too. Sign and trade Kampman, please!

  2. Bears needs OL OL OL …..Of course, the DBs and WRs are almost equally terrible

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