PetPlan Puppies Picked NFL Winners at 70% Clip Last Year


petplan puppies

Another NFL season kicks off tonight and, just like in most recent seasons, the news cycle surrounding the league has been very dark and gloomy. If you need some more light hearted NFL news, then I suggest you take a look at the PetPlan pup-nosticators.

Yes, what’s better to deliver you from gloom and doom news, then puppies! Puppies that also actually do better at picking NFL winners than the so-called “experts.”

Last year, the Pup-nosticators went 7-3 throughout the playoffs, but more importantly they were 10 for 10 on adoptions.  The Pup-nosticators are part of Petplan pet insurance’s “Social Good” campaign to help raise awareness for pet adoption.

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What PetPlan is doing to raise awareness about pet adoption is more important than ever right now. Think of all the poor displaced pets in Texas that lost their homes in Hurricane Harvey, the most devastating and destructive storm in American history. More pets will lose their homes in Florida as Hurricane Irma, the strongest hurricane in Atlantic Ocean history barrels down on Florida this weekend.

Right behind Irma is another storm, Jose, which could also potentially be devastating.

Help out Petplan anyway you can.

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