How Leslie Frazier Can Keep the Vikings Job



Leslie Frazier is the current head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, acquired by default through the incompetence consistently demonstrated by his predecessor Brad Childress.

Some might think that this is taking over a club under adverse conditions, but then again how else could a vacancy like this exist? If everything was on the up and up, Childress would still be roaming the sidelines. Like Jason Garrett with the Dallas Cowboys, Frazier takes over a roster that had Super Bowl aspirations at the start of the season. Thankfully for him, Frazier does not have to deal with a micro-manager like Jerry Jones.

There are ways that Frazier can be in the same position during the foreseeable future.

By Patrick Herbert

Continued strife with the League: Players and ownership of both the NBA and NFL are at odds over working conditions and compensation. There have even been rumblings of contraction in David Stern’s domain. With this situation, Zygi Wilf and Jerry Jones are unlikely to open their wallets and pursue a former coach that would demand a hefty salary. They might as well play it close to the vest and see what transpires.

Improved play from Brett Favre: This is a no-brainer that even Jenn Sterger could produce. Tavaris Jackson is not in the team’s long-term plans if he still is not in the line-up., given the current situation Between the off-the- field issues and his lack of production on the field, Favre has been the most disappointing player in the league this season. He isn’t even getting along with his supposed friend Darrell Bevell (offensive coordinator). Maybe the return of Sidney Rice will spark some of the old chemistry that the two had last year. Increased efficiency from Favre would also open up holes for Adrian Peterson.

Run a locker room with mutual respect: Players in the NFL are not amateurs. Anyone with half a brain could have told you that. Right Mike Lynn? That Dennis Milleresque reference may have been lost on some of you recent Vikings fans, but he is the man largely responsible for the Herschel Walker debacle that enabled the Cowboys dynasty during the Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin years.

But I digress. The players must be given a level of respect based on their histories and the fact that they are the best in the world at what they do. With that said, it is imperative for a head coach to put his foot on a player’s throat when necessary. It was clear that Childress wouldn’t have benched Favre no matter how injured he was or how ineffective he played. Time will tell if Frazier has the spine to do what is needed.

Turnovers: This is the key to victory in most professional games. With so much of play determined by execution rather than talent discrepancy, unexpected events are of the utmost importance. As fans witnessed on Thanksgiving, turnovers can be forced. This practice does, however, sacrifice some good tackling techniques or allow an increased chance in receptions for substantial yardage if an interception is not made by the defensive back.


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