The Favre Exchange (featuring the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings)



by David Kay and Peter Christian

Armageddon has arrived.

In my 28 years of sports fandom, I have never been more excited for a single beginning of the season-type of game like we will witness this evening.  Brett Favre plays AGAINST the Packers.  The subplots, quotes about how this is “just another” game, and revenge angles have been beaten into the ground.

Luckily, resident Packer fan and Brett Favre apologist David Kay, and Vikings fan Peter Christian bring their own creative genius to this exchange to get you ready for tonight’s monumental Monday night showdown..


(DK) Peter, when Brett Favre un-retired last season and ended up with the Jets, I was 100% for it.  The only worry I had was buying into all this talk about him tarnishing his legacy.  By crapping the bed at the end of last season (mainly because of a torn biceps muscle), I was ready to erase the Favre post-Packers Era from my mind forever.  Then last weekend happened.

Instead of tarnishing his legacy, Favre added another “WOW” moment by leading the Vikings to a come-from-behind victory in the final seconds of their game against the 49ers by avoiding a tackler, throwing the perfect ball to Greg Lewis in the back of the end zone who made an absolutely spectacular catch.

Before we can even dive into tonight’s game, you have to take me through the emotion of finally being on the right side of a Favre miracle… Feels pretty orgasmic, right?


(PC) Wait, what? That was a miracle? I thought those were the types of  plays that any QB with an IQ greater than 15 can make, no?

Seriously though, it was an amazing play. I’m not even speaking in hyperbole when I say that was the greatest pass-catch combo in Vikings history. It felt super awesome knowing that the team had a passer that can make every throw instead of a guy who will throw it 10 rows deep into the stands when trying to hit his RB in the flats (yes Tarvaris, I’m talking about you).

Looking ahead to tonight’s game is there any way that the game can  live up to the hype? The real hype should take place prior to Favre’s  return to Lambeau, right?


(DK) What?  You’re telling me Tavaris couldn’t have made that throw… Get the…

I fully expect tonight to live up to the hype.  Things will get chippy at some point.  Nick Barnett loves talking shiz and Favre has never been one to back down.  Barnett and Favre will get into at least one major jawing moment.  And I will love every minute of it.  Believe that.

You are right, it won’t have near the hype of Favre walking onto Lambeau in a Vikes jersey though.  I cannot wait to be standing on the field when that happens.  It will easily be the number one sports moment in my life and I will smile ear to ear when he gets booed mercilessly by the Packer faithful… not because I agree with them, but because the moment will be like an out of body experience.

The major question I have is whether Favre can stay within himself like he has done in the Vikes’ first three games.  Do you think he can keep his emotions in tact and not try to do too much and cost his team?


(PC) Good God no. There is no way the same Brett Favre that has led the Vikings to a 3-0 record will be on the field tonight. He’s gonna be more jacked up than a 37 year old divorcee/cougar from Beloit at a hick bar listening to “Redneck Woman” after doing 3 cherry bomb shots and 2 body shots of tequila with the hairy dude sitting by himself at the bar.

However, that begs the question that is in the small quiet region of Vikings fans heads, “can 39 year old Favre tap into his youth or will he play like a geeked up 40 year old who can’t make every play but thinks he can?”

Personally, I hope that AD blows up for a huge game so Favre doesn’t have to do much but still gets the satisfaction of sticking it to Ted Thompson, who, let’s be honest, is the sole reason Favre is a Viking. As game time nears, what is your gut feeling on what takes place on the Mall of America Field at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome tonight?


(DK) My gut feeling is that AP runs wild on the Packers defense that has been soft against the run, especially up the middle.  If Cedric Benson and the Bengals can pound it on the Pack, I think AP will do likewise.

As for Favre, he will make at least one dumb throw early in the game that will have everyone thinking, “Crap, what the hell is he doing?”  But I think he wants to win this game to stick it to Ted Thompson and the Favre haters rather than try for some miracle repeat performance of the MNF game back in 2003 against Oakland, days after his father suddenly passed away when every ball he threw was spot on and miraculously caught.

For tonight, I’m going Vikings 27, Packers 20.  Green Bay’s offensive line is bad.  Their running game sucks.  Neither are encouraging signs when the Williams’ and Jared Allen are up-front for the Vikes… To quote Tony Kornheiser, “Who you got?”


(PC) I’ve got a headache, that’s what I’ve got. I’ve got about 17 invitations to watch the game over at people’s houses or at some sports bar. I’ve got only a couple of hours until this anticipation becomes real and I have to start living the rest of my life. OK, that last one sounded way less pathetic when it was running through my mind. As for the game, I’m sticking to my guns. I was really surprised at how terrible the Packers offensive line was in week 1 and they haven’t gotten any better. If anything, they’re worse because veteran tackle and anchor Chad Clifton is sitting this contest out. Throw in the aforementioned Williams Wall and Jared Allen (the best front unit the Pack has seen thus far) and it is gonna be ugly for Aaron Rodgers. I know he could dissect the Vikings safeties if he had time, but that is a luxury he won’t have. I envision a mediocre Brett Favre game (1-2 TD’s, 2 INT’s) but an outstanding game by Purple Jesus himself. Vikes take it 31-10 and the home team prevails in the Metrodome for the 4th night in a row.

I only wish I could make this game last forever…

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  1. paulmbanks says

    “He’s gonna be more jacked up than a 37 year old divorcee/cougar from Beloit at a hick bar listening to “Redneck Woman” after doing 3 cherry bomb shots and 2 body shots of tequila with the hairy dude sitting by himself at the bar. ”

    I think I have a new all-time favorite analogy/simile written on TSB

  2. my boy did work…

  3. Arden Swelgart says

    I think it is fantastic this year with the first round on Thursday. Should make it more exciting and hopefully much more wheeling and dealing will occur.

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