Green Bay Packers raising ticket prices next season



The Green Bay Packers today announced a price increase on tickets for the 2012 season. The increase will range from $3 to $5, depending on the section.

Invoices sent to season-ticket holders included a letter from Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy discussing the increase.

“For the Packers, ticket revenue continues be an important component of our ability to remain financially competitive with the other 31 NFL teams,” Murphy said in the letter. “Our goal each year is to be at the league average in terms of our ticket prices. This increase maintains our position near the league average.”

Murphy also updated ticket holders on the expansion to Lambeau Field, the three-year project that features a new sound system, two new video boards, 6,700 additional seats in the south end zone, two new gates and a new state-of-the-art concession sales system. The ongoing project will be fully complete for the 2013 season.

Among the highlights for the 2012 season are the new video boards. Made by Mitsubishi, the high-definition screens will measure 108 feet wide and 48 feet high and greatly improve live action, replays, graphics, statistics packages, other NFL game scores, and other video features.

Another improvement for next season will be more than 430 new cash registers and their accompanying transaction system that will dramatically increase the speed of paying for food, beverages and other items. The new system will allow game attendees to receive much faster service and spend significantly less time standing in line.

“Our investment in the stadium will continue to provide value to the top-rated gameday experience at Lambeau Field,” Murphy said.

Tickets in the end-zone seats (sections 100-108, 131-138, 303-312 and 340-354) will increase $3 to $72, tickets from the 20?yard line to the end zone (sections 109-114, 125-130, 314-320 and 332-338) will increase $4 to $80, and tickets between the 20-yard lines (sections 115-124 and 322-330) will increase $5 to $92. Payment is due in the Packers’ ticket office March 30.

Comparatively, speaking around the NFC North for the 2011 season, the best sideline seat for the Vikings was $143, the Bears $140, and the Lions $110.

Additionally, Lambeau Field suite tickets in 2012 will increase $5 to $92.

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