Former USC, Raiders QB Todd Marinovich has some Artwork to Share



When of the best ESPN films of all time, “The Marinovich Project,” told the unique story of Todd Marinovich’s life. Marinovich is known best as a star QB for the USC Trojans who played for the Raiders, but never quite made it in the NFL.

The film conveyed his beginnings as a football prodigy built to star at the sport (back when he was known as “Robo QB”), his problems with substance abuse and depression, his troubles with the law and ultimately his journey to happiness through artistic expression.

That’s right Todd Marinovich is now an accomplished artist and you can learn more about it after the jump.


The content of Marinovich’s recently launched site includes a collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures as well as commissioned work and prints. His signature piece, “The Alchemist”, a bold 8-foot by 4-foot paint and acrylic on Plexi-glass was featured in that ESPN film, and is pictured above.

Todd’s gallery of work is comprised of sports heroes, figures, and music icons as well as abstract pieces with bold color and segmented brushstrokes. Using a variety of mediums, Todd’s style is a mix of the Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and Expressionist movement

“The launch of gives me an opportunity to share my art and my vision as I look forward to continuing my journey as an artist and hope to share it with as many people as I can.” Said Todd.

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