List of most discussed topics on Facebook: NY Giants, NE Patriots



This morning, Facebook released its 2012 Year in Review – a look back at the most discussed trends and stories of 2012.  Below please find key highlights including most discussed sports topics (NY Giants), the top events (Superbowl XLVI came in at #2 behind the US Presidential Election), most discussed public figures (Tim Tebow made the top five as well as Eli and Peyton Manning (who tied!) and most checked-in locations on Facebook (eight out of the top ten spots are sports venues) and more.

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Sports (mentions):

1.       NY Giants

2.       New England Patriots

3.       Tim Tebow

4.       London 2012 Olympics

5.       OKC (Oklahoma City Thunder)


Check Ins (locations):

1.       Times Square, New York

2.       Disneyland, California

3.       AT&T Park, California

4.       Yankee Stadium, New York

5.       Rangers Ballpark, Texas


Public Figures (mentions):

1.       Barack Obama

2.       Mitt Romney

3.       One Direction

4.       Tim Tebow

5.       Eli and Peyton Manning


Events (mentions):

1.       US Presidential Election

2.       Superbowl XLVI

3.       Death of Whitney Houston

4.       Superstorm Sandy

5.       London 2012 Olympics


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