List of most discussed topics on Facebook: NY Giants, NE Patriots


This morning, Facebook released its 2012 Year in Review – a look back at the most discussed trends and stories of 2012.  Below please find key highlights including most discussed sports topics (NY Giants), the top events (Superbowl XLVI came in at #2 behind the US Presidential Election), most discussed public figures (Tim Tebow made the top five as well as Eli and Peyton Manning (who tied!) and most checked-in locations on Facebook (eight out of the top ten spots are sports venues) and more.

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People Leaving Facebook in Droves, Maybe you Should too?


Six weeks ago I finally left Facebook for good after trying to leave on numerous prior occasions. Facebook does you no favors in their multi-step deactivation process, obviously intended to frustrate you into staying. But since deactivating my account, productivity for me and traffic for this website is WAY UP!

I’ve also spent a lot less time pseudo “socializing” online, and more time doing actual socializing in “real time.”

And I’m not alone in leaving the social network.

According to the Daily Mail:

“Fearing for their privacy or perhaps just bored with using the site, 100,000 Britons are said to have deactivated their accounts last month. And Facebook fatigue seems to be catching. Six million logged off for good in the U.S. too, figures show.”

By Paul M. Banks

Facebook Backlash Growing; Letter to the Editor

Since print media is dying out, what will become of a good ol-fashioned strongly worded letter to the editor? Nowadays all articles and blog entries posted online have comment threads, so well written, cogently thought-out online comments have taken the place of those letters.

Of course, with that comes the comments from people who sounds like they’re wearing tin foil hats, of which this site seems to attract by the multitude. But this comment attached below is brilliant! It’s quite possibly my all-time favorite in the entire 3+ year history of the site.

It comes to us from Thomas Allen of thomasallenonline and it was posted on my essay detailing how people in the U.S., UK and Canada are leaving Facebook, why I quit for good, and why you should possibly consider doing the same

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The Anti-Bracket: Kardashian Regional


The Sports Bank’s third annual Anti-Bracket (formerly known as the Douchebracket) celebrates all that is wrong in the world, most prominently in the sports world.  Four regionals will chosen by an esteemed panel of TSB contributors.  With your input, the field will be narrowed down to a Final Four where our readers will choose the winner of the 2011 Anti-Bracket.

Past winners of the this Regional include Notre Dame football fans with absolutely zero connection to the school and the Chicago Bears Media Relations Department .  BOTH WENT ON TO BECOME CHAMPIONS OF THE OVERALL BRACKET!

Help me figure who will earn that honored distinction this season by leaving a comment below as to who you think needs to advance to the Final Four. And a 3-peat??!!!

By Paul M. Banks

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It’s Celebrity Look Alike Week on Facebook! Change Your Profile Pic

By Paul M. Banks

At some point in our lives, we have all been told that we look like somebody famous. this week is the time to spotlight that. According to a New York Daily News Article posted on Friday: “In order to celebrate Doppelgänger Week, Facebook users switch their profile pictures to famous people they have been told they resemble.”

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