Colt McCoy Starts at QB for Cleveland Browns


The Cleveland Browns have named their starter for Sunday, and it’s none other than Colt McCoy, the very decorated college quarterback from Texas. In honor of his first NFL start, Paul M. Banks decided to re-run the National Title Game Media Day interview he did of McCoy

It was a very insightful and informative press conference as Texas and Alabama prepare for the National Championship. Here’s what the marquee player in the game Texas QB Colt McCoy has had to say about it.

On the criticism that Texas can’t run the football, and run it consistently.

We just need to be more consistent. I think this game is going to come down to execution and not turning the ball over. Obviously we need to run the ball a little bit to really be effective, and I think the big thing for us is to stay ahead of the change. Don’t get in 3rd and long situations over and over. If we can get three or four yards on 1st down and kind of stay ahead of ourselves with the running game, I think that’ll definitely be an advantage for us.

Colt’s thoughts on being an underdog, an unfamiliar situation, and the chemistry of the Longhorns

The seniors have worked so hard as a group from last year’s bowl game at the Fiesta Bowl to get to the point where we are now. It’s been a total team effort. You know, some games the offense didn’t play as well as we would like to, a little frustrated, but the defense pulled through, and we ultimately found a way to win.

There’s been a couple games where the offense kind of carried us. The defense was a little slow. But that shows the true character of a team is when you can find ways to win when things aren’t going good. Just take the championship game, for instance. We found a way to win. That’s the true mark of a team is when you can pull together when things aren’t going your way and ultimately find a way in the end.

On Alabama QB Greg McElroy, who Colt has gotten to know through the Manning camp

I really did enjoy the weekend that we spent at the Manning camp. I got to spend a lot of time with him. He was in the room right next door to me, and hung out when we weren’t on the field working out. Great guy. I know he comes from Southlake. I didn’t know him in high school. I was good friends with Chase, and he played behind Chase.

But obviously he’s done a great job this year. To win 13 games in a season, I’ve played for four years and understand really how difficult that is. All the credit in the world to him. He’s done a great job, and he’s one of the leaders on their football team and does what he’s told to do, I’m sure. You know, lots of credit due to him.

On all the downtime in between this game and Texas’ last game, and the fact that it’s the latest game calendar wise that Texas has ever played

As far as downtime, it has been a long time, but I think we have the best coaches in the country, and they really kind of spread it out, lay it out for us in a way that we can use that time to our advantage. A lot of guys were kind of banged up. We were able to get healthy. But at the same time practice really hard, prepare, study, and really get our minds right for this game.

So I think the time off has been really useful, and we’ve used it in a positive way.

This week is kind of – we’re ready for the game. You know, it’s one of those times where it’s starting to get closer and closer and you’re kind of getting antsy, but we’re practicing really hard, and I think this week is the time where it gets closer and closer, and you’re ready to go.

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