Browns QB Brian Hoyer will get $8-12m per year in open market

Hoyer and Pettine

(Cleveland’s Brian Hoyer, Update from The NFL Today)


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Josh Gordon: positives outweigh the negatives?


The Cleveland Browns knew they’d be facing some tough choices this season, mostly having to do with whether veteran Brian Hoyer remains their starting QB for the year or if they do indeed turn the job over to fan-favorite Johnny Manziel.

The team also knew they’d likely have to find a committee of wide receivers to fill a void left by the pending suspension of star WR Josh Gordon after a 2nd failed drug test in the offseason.

Following more trouble from Gordon, a DWI arrest on July 5th, Cleveland could be facing another item to ponder altogether – do they cut the troubled superstar and prepare for life without him for good? [Read more…]

NFL Early Outlook: Cleveland Browns Quarterback Situation


Going into the 2014 NFL draft, all of the hype was surrounding Johnny “Football” Manziel. During college, Manziel became known for his ability to scramble out of the pocket and his ability to salvage plays that looked to be over. He was able to escape the pocket, beat out defensive end players, and often run the ball in for a touchdown. [Read more…]

NFL Early Outlook: CB Justin Gilbert and the Cleveland Browns


Last season, the Seattle Seahawks showed the world something that most NFL coaches already knew – defense is what really wins championships. After the Seahawks completely dismantled Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, the rest of the NFL became more focused on defensive players, and because of this, the Cleveland Browns are now a much better team. [Read more…]

How close was Jim Harbaugh to getting traded by the 49ers?

Jim Harbaugh

This could come as surprise news, but it seems that it was close to happening. Last week there were many reports suggesting that the San Francisco 49ers could have get rid of Jim Harbaugh by trading him for high draft picks to the Cleveland Browns. Luckily for the 49ers fans and for the entire organization, nothing happened and they still have their coach, one of the best in the entire league.

Before analyzing why the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco 49ers maintained conversations about a possible deal involving Jim Harbaugh, let’s see what the coach means to the red and gold. [Read more…]

NFL passing emphasis, rushing decline: by the numbers


It’s happening. The day has finally come where the play calling in the NFL resembles my own play calling from back when I first started playing Madden.

First and 10? Streak to the endzone. Second and four? Streak to the endzone. Third and short? Streak to the endzone.

Okay, it might not be that drastic. But if it hasn’t been apparent in the past decade or so leading up to this season, it should be clear to everyone now that the NFL is a passing league.

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Chicago Bears Full Offseason Recap Part 1: Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff

The rush of free agency has come and gone, and the NFL Draft has come to pass with mixed reactions about how the Bears decided to approach their first round pick. Way before all of that happened, the coaching staff was completely gutted and replaced.

There’s no doubting the Bears improved this offseason. The question now is “by how much?”

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Paul Ryan visits Cleveland Browns, calls QB wrong name


GOP Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan visited Cleveland Browns practice with former secretary of state Condoleeza Rice.

Here’s what happened, according to Yahoo sports:

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Chicago Bears season outlook: first quarter

Da Super Fans

Will “Da Bears” make a magical 16-0 run in 2012-13?


Week 4 of the preseason is upon us. Veterans and rookies alike will anxiously await the announcement of the final roster in the days following the Bears matchup against the Browns.

The roster will make its way from 75 players down to the final 53, and many fringe players will have to put it all on the line this Thursday to earn the right to continue playing on Sundays.

The final roster is not yet set, but it’s safe to say that this year’s team is one of the most talented groups to don the navy and orange uniforms. Even though the NFC North is one of the most feared divisions in the NFL, general consensus still remains that the Bears will be making a deep postseason run.

But every team’s hopes are high at the moment. Everyone still has a 0 in the loss column and 16 games to play.

So I’ve decided to take an in depth look at the schedule and try to justify the hype surrounding the Bears. I too believe the Bears will win at least 10 games, march into the playoffs, and will hopefully be playing on the Sunday in February that matters most. But maybe I’m just blinded by bias.

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Cleveland Browns 2012 Fantasy Football Preview

Ranking 30th in the NFL at 13.6 points per game is hard to swallow, but it really shouldn’t come as much a surprise to anyone because the Cleveland Browns had the 28th youngest offense in the league. With high draft picks Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden, the Browns aren’t getting any older at key positions and that is why it could be another year to take extreme caution with Cleveland in regards to fantasy.

Here are the guys in Cleveland that you should have on your list come time to do the fantasy draft. [Read more…]

What should the Cleveland Browns do with their first 3 draft picks?

Why Browns Peyton Hillis changes agents so often

Peyton Hillis did it again.  He changed agents for the fourth time since the end of the 2010 season.  That has not only made his negotiations with the Browns difficult but has muddied the waters with potential new teams.  Why would a player do that?

I cannot be sure but having been party to player negotiations, I have my suspicions.

Many players do not want to hear the truth.  In this case Hillis has said he wants to be paid like a top NFL RB like Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson.  The truth is that Hillis had one good season in 2010.  He ran for 1,177 yards with a 4.4 yard average.  He also caught 61 passes for 477 yards with a total of 13 TDs.

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