Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence Should Be the #1 Overall Pick in His Draft Class


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Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is the kind of player that could hypothetically force a conversation about applying the NBA “one and done” rule to football. Much has been made in basketball about the extremely talented kids who shouldn’t be forced to go to school, ply their trade and not get paid, when they have the ability go pro and make money doing what they love right now. 

No one talks about in football, and yes these players are rare, but the 6-5, Cartersville, Georgia native has a NFL caliber arm right now. Beyond the arm talent, he has the whole package in the eyes of NFL scouts. (Just needs to add a few pounds of muscle) 

Lawrence, a Mitch Kramer from “Dazed and Confused” (and hence Tim Lincecum)/Sunshine Ronnie Bass from “Remember the Titans” doppelganger , is a true freshman that certainly does not play like it.


Lawrence has tossed 27 touchdowns against just four interceptions this season; to go along with a 65% completion percentage. Against #3 Notre Dame in north Texas a week ago, he was 27-39 passing for 309 yards; leading the Tigers to a 30-3 route over the then undefeated Fighting Irish.

He also broke most of the Clemson freshman passing records, held by eventual Heisman trophy Deshaun Watson. He’s one of the major reasons that we’re picking Clemson to pull off the big upset and beat Alabama in the national title game on Monday

“That guy is unbelievable. Everybody knew that he had confidence after those first couple of drives. I am really proud of Trevor,” said Clemson wide receiver Tee Higgins after the Cotton Bowl. 

“He has been dialed in since he’s been the starter.”  

Of course, you won’t see Trevor Lawrence in any NFL mock draft until 2021, if such things as 2021 NFL mock drafts exist. (Here’s our 2019 mock in case you are interested).

When asked about how he’s developed so much so quickly (he’s only made 10 career starts), Lawrence gave the industry standard “it’s not about me, it’s about the we” boiler plate. He’ll absolutely ace the interview portion of the combine when his time comes.

“It’s just about this team,” Lawrence said in Arlington.

“It makes it a lot easier on me when you have guys all around you that are just great players and take that load off of you. So there’s not much pressure when you have guys this good playing around you.

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“So just that. And the coaches have helped me a ton, just helped me prepare and get me ready for all these situations has been really good.”

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