49ers kicker quits Twitter after receiving death threats



Wow you San Francisco 49ers fans are one classy, upstanding bunch of gentlemen aren’t you? Your people get drunk at games and beat senseless people wearing Oakland Raiders jerseys, and last NFC Title game you sent death threats to kick returner Kyle Williams following his gaffes in the loss to the New York Giants.

And now this: placekicker David Akers has quit Twitter after receiving an apparent death threat, according to Fox Sports.

Akers, who’s only made 25 of 35 attempts this season, re-tweeted a message on Wednesday: “@RIP_FreeLaddin YOU F**GOT IF YOU MISS ONE MORE FIELD GOAL YOU ABOUT TO GET YOUR ENTIRE LIFE ENDED.”

Akers de-activated his account quickly after. So not only is the tweeter deranged and psychotic, he/she apparently has no sense of proper grammar either. I hate having to say this all the time, but I will AGAIN:


Akers is a six-time Pro Bowl kicker and two-time All-Pro and just last year he set the NFL record for total field goals made with 44.

And if you think Akers is bad, how would you like to be stuck with Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby? Now there’s a guy who is terrible at his job. But that of course doesn’t mean he deserves death threats.

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