2011 Fantasy Football Top 30 By Position (Quarterbacks)


Fantasy Football drafts
are looming right around the corner and there’s plenty of research to be done. Luckily for you, The Sports Bank has you covered with updated rankings for the 2011 season.

This week, we look at the ever-important Quarterback (QB) position. Whether you’re in a super-competitive league or one of those leagues that doesn’t really matter, here’s all you need to know about the top 30 signal-callers in the game of fantasy.

Fantasy Elites

– These are the guys that should be gone in the first few rounds of almost any league. If picking a QB in the first round floats your boat, pick away with these guys. (BW = Bye Week)

1.) Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers – BW: 8) – Skip the Lombardi Trophy, Rodgers became a Fantasy God in 2010 while scoring 20+ fantasy points (standard scoring) on eight different occasions. It’s worth noting that he accomplished this feat without his starting running back (Ryan Grant) and starting tight end (Jermichael Finley). Add in the fact that Rodgers has excelled at running the ball and that he can play through injuries, he projects to be a safe bet at the QB position.

2.) Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints – BW: 11) – Brees’ 22 interceptions in 2010 held him back from having another great fantasy year. Can you blame the guy for trying to force throws when you have Chris Ivory and Julius Jones taking hand-offs in the backfield. This season should be much better with a healthy Pierre Thomas and rookie Mark Ingram in the picture.

3.) Tom Brady (New England Patriots – BW: 7) – Brady is the NFL’s prototypical QB and has all the skills to also be a successful fantasy option. The guy simply throws touchdowns and is arguably the safest bet to rank near the top come season’s end. In 2010, Brady lost Randy Moss in week four and still had a great year while pouring in 36 touchdowns.

4.) Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts – BW: 11) – Yes, Manning is 35 and he did see a dip in production in 2010. But he still posted a career high in passing yards and did so without the security of Dallas Clark and Austin Collie. With Clark and Collie back in the mix, the Manning era in Indy is far from over.

5.) Philip Rivers (San Diego Chargers – BW: 6) – Rivers proved in 2010 that he belongs among the league’s elite QBs. Rivers quietly threw for 4,710 yards and 30 touchdowns for a Chargers team that loves to throw deep down the field. Expect much more of the same this upcoming season. If you draft Rivers, you can think of it as getting an elite fantasy QB on the cheap.

Fantasy Second Tier
– These guys are on the brink of becoming elite and may be a season or two from getting there or just recently leaving their elite status. Fantasy-wise, these guys can get you through the year and quite possibly bring you greatness at the position.

6.) Michael Vick (Philadelphia Eagles – BW: 7) – Vick is a huge risk, but could prove to be elite if he continues his hot run from 2010. For those who will pick him number one overall are just playing the fantasy version of Russian Roulette.

7.) Matt Schaub (Houston Texans – BW: 11) – Not only does he have an elite WR in Andre Johnson, he now has an elite RB in Arian Foster.

8.) Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons – BW: 8) – On a good Falcons team full of offensive weapons, Matty Ice could be the next Brady or Manning.

9.) Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys – BW: 5) – Romo’s broken collarbone really burned those who drafted him in 2010. Look for him to make up for it this year as Big D looks to turn their recent woes around.

10.) Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers – BW: 11) – Hate him or love him, he still makes all the right decisions on the football field.

Fantasy Third Tier
– These guys aren’t your first choice, but probably the last candidates for a quality starter in most leagues.

11.) Joe Flacco (Baltimore Ravens – BW: 5) – Flacco is so close to moving up to the next tier.

12.) Eli Manning (New York Giants – BW: 7) – Will he ever be known as anyone other than the “other Manning”?

13.) Josh Freeman (Tampa Bay Bucs – BW: 8) – Freeman was a pleasant surprise in 2010, who says he can’t do it again?

Fantasy Fourth Tier
– These guys serve as great fantasy back-ups and players who could hypothetically start on a team stacked at other positions.

14.) Kevin Kolb (Arizona Cardinals – BW: 6)
15.) Sam Bradford (St. Louis Rams – BW: 5)
16.) Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions – BW: 9)
17.) Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears – BW: 8)
18.) Donovan McNabb (Minnesota Vikings – BW: 9)
19.) Matt Cassel (Kansas City Chiefs – BW: 6)
20.) Mark Sanchez (New York Jets – BW: 8)
21.) David Garrard (Jacksonville Jaguars – BW: 9)

Best of the Rest
– Getting thin at the position now. If you’re still looking to draft a QB, pick late and keep these guys in mind for the waiver wire.

22.) Tim Tebow (Denver Broncos – BW: 6)
23.) Kyle Orton (Denver Broncos – BW: 6)
24.) Jason Campbell (Oakland Raiders – BW: 8)
25.) Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers – BW: 9)
26.) Ryan Fitzpatrick (Buffalo Bills – BW: 7)
27.) Matt Hasselbeck (Tennessee Titans – BW: 6)
28.) Alex Smith (San Francisco 49ers – BW: 7)
29.) Colt McCoy (Cleveland Browns – BW: 5)
30.) Tarvaris Jackson (Seattle Seahawks – BW: 6)

Did I miss someone or do you disagree with any of my rankings? Let me know by commenting below!

Nick Grays is a senior writer at the Sports Bank where he covers the Wisconsin Badgers, Green Bay Packers, and Milwaukee Brewers. He also enjoys to share Fantasy Advice from time-to-time. Follow him on Twitter by clicking here or visit his blog Nick Knows Best.

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  1. Rodgers #1 is what I like to see!

  2. I would have rather had a picture of “the belt” instead of the fist pump with him though hahahah

  3. Nick Grays says

    I thought about using the belt, but thought it was a little overplayed.

    But yes, Rodgers is a fantasy beast. The only question I have is about their second WR, Jordy Nelson has a lot to prove and Donald Driver is getting up there in age.

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