10 Super Bowl prop bets to gamble on, avoid



We are hours away from the biggest game during the NFL season. Many will watch the Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks for one of many narratives. A good chunk will watch for the Super Bowl prop bets. Include me as one of them. The Super Bowl is one of the most betted-on sporting events in all of sports, and now is the time to act.

The weekend of the big game (Friday-Sunday) is when the majority of gambling happens for the Super Bowl. There are some prop bets to put your bankroll on, and others to scroll past.

Bovada has over 300 Super Bowl prop bets to potentially wager money on. Here are 10 to work with and/or pass on.

  1. Over/Under the length of time it will take Renee Fleming to perform the National Anthem: 2 minutes 25 seconds: The under is the side to lean towards and I agree wholeheartedly. Fleming and the NFL for that matter like to avoid catastrophic moments. Fleming is a professional, and ever since Janet Jackson’s wardrobe “malfunction” the shield has kept things close to the vest. Timing is everything for singers.
  2. Will it snow during the game: Betting on snow one week ago looked like a sure bet, but now the forecast calls for light rain and a game-time temperature in the mid-40’s. No is an easy bet.
  3. Color of Gatorade poured on the winning coach: There are six choices on Bovada, which offers too much volatility for anyone wanting to make easy money. Orange is close to an even payout, but still is not at least at a 50/50 rate to win. Keep it.
  4. Will Peyton Manning retire before game one of the 2014 regular season: Betting on no pays out at -1500, which means you would win seven cents for every dollar bet. Not worth your money unless it magically comes back to the -500 range if at al.
  5. What will be higher- Alex Ovechkin goals or Russell Wilson touchdown passes: Do not bet on crossover games if you do not know much about the other sport. Other crossover bets include soccer and basketball. These are easy bets to pass on unless you feel very confident in your knowledge of the other game.
  6. Who will have more passing yards in game- Manning or Russell (-80/+80): Player bets with a spread have better odds for Vegas than you. No one knows how the game will play out, so steer clear.
  7. Over/under seven tackles for Earl Thomas: Thomas had seven or more tackles in approximately 40% of games. He has 19 tackles in his last three games, including an 11 tackle effort against Drew Brees in the playoffs. Peyton Manning will throw more than enough for Thomas to get the over. Do not bet afraid of the total not being halved.
  8. Will Marshawn Lynch score a TD in the first half: I believe Lynch is good for 25 carries against a porous Denver run defense. San Diego and New England abandoned the run game in the playoffs, so ignore the small sample size benefitting the Broncos. Lynch could very well be the star of the game and should be the first Seahawk in the end zone.
  9. Jacob Tamme total receptions 1.5: At a payout of +105, this is one of the better bets to make. Julius Thomas will get his catches, but Tamme has had two or more receptions in four of his last seven games. All of the games in which Tamme went over were started by Thomas.
  10. Longest punt for Britton Colquitt 50.5 yards (Den): Colquitt’s longest punt was over 50 in all but six games this season. Seattle’s defense will get their fair share of stops, giving Colquitt a chance to punt his way into your heart and wallet.


Always remember to bet responsibly and within your means. Any other way is unacceptable and potentially dangerous. Enjoy the game and happy betting everyone.


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