Western Conference Analysis Part I


By Paul M. Banks & Andy Weise


Banks’ questions in Italics. Weise’s answers in normal type

How is this fair that every team in the West will need at least 50 wins to get in and in the East, one team will qualify for the postseason even though they’re way under .500 and two or three more will be hovering around the same mark of mediocrity…
It’s not fair! And as Momma would say, “life ain’t fair!” I find it hard to imagine the NBA changing the playoff picture though. That’d be bad for the game. The Miami collapse has been bad for the league, the Bulls were supposed to be a contender by now (should have traded for Gasol when they had the chance), the Nets, Pacers, Knicks and Bucks have all gone down hill even when all of them have pretty good players on their rosters. I can’t understand the East! Luckily KG and Ray Allen were sent to Boston, otherwise we’d tell everyone in the East besides the Pistons to stay home for the playoffs. Might as well give Boston and Detroit byes to the Eastern Conference Finals now!
Is this the reason that ESPN’s NBA “expert” Stephen A. Smith always feels the NEED TO SCREAM AT US all the time?
Does anyone ever understand what Stephen A. Smith is screaming about? It’s supposed to have a point right? I still think him and Ludacris are twin brothers, separated at birth.


Ludacris screams at us a lot too. Mostly commands in the emphatic future tense, like his song titles “Move Bitch,” “Rollout,” “Get Back” “Stand Up” 

What if the West winner is the Spurs again, how will America keep from being ridiculously bored?
 The only way I will be OK with the Spurs getting to the Finals is if it’s against Boston. At least we can have KG Vs. Duncan, something us Minnesotans always wanted to see — and have it actually mean something! I think the Spurs and Celtics series could be a really good one, but if it’s Pistons and Spurs, I’ll be watching early season baseball games instead of the NBA finals. Sad!
Are D. Will and Boozer…Stockton and Malone II? In that win over the Clippers, Deron Williams was like 13-16 from the floor and Boozer was something like 14-19 or thereabouts. Ridic!
Williams already scores more points than Stockton, although he’ll probably never equal some of Stockton’s assist numbers. Malone and Boozer are pretty similar, which is crazy because Malone is one of the top scorers and power forwards in NBA history. I think Boozer and Williams have a better supporting cast than Stockton and Malone ever did so if the Jazz can’t get anything going, I’d say it’s because of the strength of the West or we just have to tip our hats to Stockton and Malone. AK47 and Okur are great complimentary players, it will be interesting to see what the Jazz do this year in the playoffs. It was not a surprise to see them in the Western Conference Finals last year but they bowed out pretty easy in five games to the Spurs.

If the Jazz can make up those last three games and get home-court advantage, is this thing essentially over? How come they are so dominant at home?
Jerry Sloan has always had good records at home. He’s a classic example of how a team is supposed to rightfully defend their own court. To be honest though, when the playoffs come, we throw that all out the window! 

So who’s going to be the odd man out in the West?

It’s so close but logic would suggest Golden State. BUT… I’m going with Dallas — they have a really tough schedule closing the season out. Besides two games with Seattle, it’s on the road against Portland, Phoenix and the Lakers, and home dates against Utah and New Orleans. Houston has been dropping but they have a favorable schedule, Golden State still has games against the Clippers, Memphis, Sacramento and Seattle. Denver should be able to stay in as well. 


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