Unique Things to Bet on in the NBA



Anyone can place an NBA bet. However, it takes some skill and research to place some prop bets. There are plenty of unique bets that not only add excitement to your betting experience but also bring you more significant profits. Here are some unique things to bet on in the NBA. 

1. Futures: MVP, Win Totals, and NBA Championship

Futures odds focus on the general results of players or teams. They allow you to predict certain exciting things, including who will win the NBA finals and if a team may go Over or Under their existing total of wins. 

Futures odds are always fun and profitable. You can bet on them starting as early as the end of the last season. Note that the lines keep changing depending on roster transactions, injuries, and the performances of different teams. If you are interested in NBA picks for Futures bets, consider looking for expert computer picks.  

2. Prop Bets: Bet on the Performance of Players and More

Prop bets are fast becoming some of the most interesting ways to bet on basketball. They let you bet on various aspects of the game rather than just the final score. They are about the performance of teams or individual players and various events through the match. 

Examples of prop bets include the combined rebounds or points of a player and the first team to hit 15 points. 

3. Moneyline

With NBA Moneyline odds, you need to choose the winner of a game. Make your decision based on the strength of the opposing teams, the venue of the game, and their implied probability of victory. 

Basketball money lines are the simplest and most straightforward kinds of bets. You simply bet on the team that is most likely to win the match. When generating money line odds, sportsbooks consider every team’s implied probability of winning. 

4. Parlays

With these bets, you get to stake a small amount for the chance of winning a bigger payout. However, they are not very popular as they increase your risk. Having two or more bets tied together increases your chances of losing the bet. 

The more bets you feature in your Parlays bet, the bigger the risk. You don’t get a payout unless all the bets in your Parlay win. Every feature in the Parlay is a ‘leg,’ and most books will let you feature two to 12 games in NBA parlays. 

5. Point Spread

These bets are fantastic as they level out the difference in the competing teams’ skill levels. Odds makers calculate perceived point spread by analyzing the teams, their current forms, venue, and any significant injuries. 

Negative values on point spreads suggest that the team needs to win by more than the provided spread for your bet to win. Underdogs typically have positive values in front of their point spreads. They can lose by less than the indicated spread or win the game. 

Usually, they have a different set of odds referred to as the juice or the vig. They refer to the cost of placing your bet. 

Most Ridiculous NBA Bets

The NBA has seen a few ridiculous bets over the year. Prop bets are particularly exciting, and they appeal to all kinds of bettors. Here are some of the most unique bets ever placed in the NBA. 

1. Jaylen Brown, Over 27.5 Points (-105)

After messing up a lead and losing to the Milwaukee Bucks on Christmas Day, Boston Celtics hoped to get back up, playing the Minnesota Timberwolves. The COVID Protocols were expected to influence the game, and in addition, Jayson Tatum wouldn’t be playing.

Everything about the game seemed to indicate that Jaylen Brown would be in an excellent position. Although Brown hadn’t played a game without Tatum during the season, he got an average of 30.4 points per game in seven games last season. With these facts in mind, this was a pretty exciting bet. 

2. Win the NBA Finals MVP

In the 2016 NBAs, here were the odds to win the NBA finals MVP:

  • LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers): 7/3
  • Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers): 18/1
  • Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors): 1/1
  • Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors): 15/1
  • Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors):12/1

Betting on Curry was the most valuable option. While LeBron came close, his odds weren’t as valuable. 

3. James Harden, Over 47.5 PTS+REB+AST (-115)

The Brooklyn Nets had a fantastic victory on Christmas Day and had to face off the Clippers. With three of their games having been postponed before Christmas, the players had had enough rest and were in perfect form.

It was an amazing chance for Harden to get some exposure as the nets would be playing without Kevin Durant. In several games through the season without Durant, Harden averaged 32.3 points and 10.3 rebounds for every game. 

These odds were particularly interesting as Nets were struggling with some of their players out. The Clippers weren’t in the perfect form either. 

4. Odds for Getting Suspended During the Finals

In the 2016 NBA, the odds for getting suspended during the finals were as follows: 

  • Draymond Green: 7/2
  • Anyone Else: 6/1

Although it was a pretty unusual bet, the obvious choice was Draymond. 

  1. Odds the Series Goes:
  • 4 games: 6/1
  • 5 games: 7/3
  • 6 games: 7/3
  • 7 games: 3/1

These odds for the 2016 NBA may have been tricky, but they were certainly unique. 

5. Leading the NBA Finals in Points-Per-Game

Here were the 2016 NBA odds for these odds

  • LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers): 3:/1
  • Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers): 20/1
  • Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors): 3/2
  • Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors): 4/1
  • Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers): 9/1

LeBron James was the obvious choice for this game. With an average of two points less than Curry per game, betting on him looked like a lucrative idea. 

In conclusion, NBA bets are diverse. The regular season grind is not only attractive to coaches and players but also for oddsmakers and punters. With so many teams and possible bets, you will always find something amazing and unique to bet on. 


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