NBA on TNT discussing Derrick Rose wasting of all our time



Every bit of hate Derrick Rose has inspired in Chicago Bulls and NBA fans- he’s truly earned it. Yes, both the Chicago Bulls front office/media relations and Derrick Rose himself are to blame on this clusterf…..

However, Derrick Rose is the highly paid superstar; he’s the icon. It’s on him to rise above and do something about why the whole city (rightfully) hates him currently. It’s not on his brother Reggie Rose, who still acts like an overprotective father for him. Derrick Rose is: a father, multi-millionaire, NBA franchise cornerstone, #1 overall draft pick and endorsement superstar.

Time to act like it.

What makes Derrick Rose so detestable isn’t just that he doesn’t appear to be earning his money. It’s that he wastes everybody’s time and energy by giving us moronic, arcane soundbites about whether he’ll come back or not. He just won’t shut up about leaving the door open. If he was just man enough to say “no, I’m not coming back this year,” he would do himself a lot of good. He would be much more likable then.

We really don’t need to waste our time talking about this anymore. Yet here we are.

Good video from the NBA on TNT guys.

Charles Barkley on Derrick Rose possible return in Game 3: “The big decision is [whether he will] come off the bench or start. [Derrick Rose] coming back will mess up [the Bulls] rhythm. I think it’s too late right now. He should have been back before the playoffs.”

Bosh on how the Heat are preparing for Bulls point guard Derrick Rose potential return from injury: “I’ll be honest with you, we don’t talk about him at all. We can’t worry about if they’re going to play him or not play him. We have a game plan and we prepare for what we’re supposed to with who we think they’re going to put out there. If we feel he’s going to be out there, we’ll call it accordingly.”

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