NBA MVP Betting – The Smart Choices and the Longshot


As the NBA season comes towards it’s exciting close, so does the level of betting on those markets that have been open for months. The markets in question are the futures bets and backing the right MVP, even at this late stage, could prove very profitable indeed.

Futures markets are those that help retain your interest in the long-term and as such are useful for those who don’t necessarily have a stake in the game, as well as those who are big fans of a certain team or player.

There are many different tranches of betting in the sports world, with 6 lines being the bread and butter. Another option comes in the form of NBA over under odds and the key to winning on any of these tried and tested styles of betting is being well versed in the sport in question. provides the level of insight required to succeed in a high percentage of the bets you lay and their up to date service keeps you ahead of the sports betting curve.

With futures, essentially it’s a bet that can give you a reason to still tune in, if for instance your team didn’t make the postseason. This year’s MVP field has been sliced down somewhat as many of those leading the chase; Kevin Durant and LeBron James being just two, were eliminated early in the proceedings.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (+100)

While clearly backing the hot favorite won’t win you a fortune it might be the safest way to head as we move into the latter stages of the playoffs. Giannis has been in red-hot form and has been the main reason the Milwaukee Bucks are well placed to win their first title since 1971.

The Greek-born 26-year-old has picked up the MVP award in the two previous seasons and is a five-time All-Star pick and this season could be the one that sees his efforts lead his team to the ultimate prize.

Chris Paul (+500)

Though a lot of pundits and those in the know heap all the praise on Devin Booker, arguably Paul has been in as good a run of form as his team-mate, who is listed as second favorite for the MVP award with more sportsbooks.

Paul’s long career has been glittering but though he’s an 11-time All-Star he still awaits an NBA title or an MVP award. He is considered perhaps the best point-guard of his generation and if he can help Phoenix to an NBA title then he will have gotten his just reward.

NBA Cheerleaders

Trae Young (+1800)

When it comes to showboating, Trae’s your man. The kind of performer you love if he’s playing for your team and one you absolutely despise when he’s up against them. Young is an undoubted star in the making and has been a big part of Atlanta Hawks’ run to the Conference finals.

His odds are of course incredibly long but that’s kind of the point. Many see Young as part of the up and coming bunch of newcomers who can, in the long term, replace idols such as LeBron James and Steph Curry, though clearly he is more of a bad-boy type there’s no doubting he’ll be an NBA star for many years to come.

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