Kevin Garnett is scaring his teammates (in a good way)



With Kevin Garnett, the 2014-15 Minnesota Timberwolves season has new life. It wasn’t long ago that the T’Wolves had the worst record in the NBA. They have come on stronger as of late, and they won’t make the playoffs, but at least now they are more compelling.

KG, now in his 20th season in the NBA, isn’t what he once was or anything close to it, but he makes this team much more interesting.


Minnesota boasts the back-to-back Canadian born #1 overall draft picks in Anthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins. Of course, the former is a total bust and the latter hasn’t really started to get it together until lately. And while it is Wiggins’ team in the long run for certain, it’s Garnett’s team in the short term.

Kevin Garnett, doing the ceremonial homecoming victory lap on his prolific career, has made his presence known. Via the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

And it was apparent in the locker room, where players realize that they are about to experience a whole new way of life.

“This is his locker and I’m actually kind of scared because I think he is going to say something about me being in his locker,” young Zach LaVine said.

LaVine offered the locker back to Garnett, who declined and instead will dress one seat over.

“I did more than offer; I wanted him to take it,” LaVine said. “I wanted him to sit there. I said, ‘I’ll move!’ But it’s going to be great for me; I know that. Future hall of famer, man, everyone wants to get to his level. He was playing in this league before I was born!”



To quote Lonely Island: “and like Kevin Garnett, anything is possible!”

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