“Derrick Rose Rule” part of new NBA CBA; MVP is Surprised



Here’s a story you might have missed during your lockout hangover. I’m not sure myself if I’m over lockout illnes yet. Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose was quite surprised to learn there’s a specific provision in the new NBA collective bargaining agreement named “The Derrick Rose Rule;” which kicks in for players in his peer group.

From ESPN Chicago:

The rule allows a player finishing his rookie contract to make 30 percent of a team’s salary cap — up from 25 percent — if he’s twice been voted an All-Star starter, twice been voted All-NBA or won an MVP award.

“It’s unbelievable,” Rose the current MVP told CSNChicago.com. “But the rule, I guess, it fits me for what I’ve achieved at a young age and hopefully there will be a couple more people like me.”

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