Talking Chicago Bulls offseason with Bulls ESPN beat writer Nick Friedell


Talking shop with ESPN Chicago’s Nick Friedell

So how did you come to your position as ESPN Chicago’s Bulls reporter, where have you worked previously?

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Derrick Rose will soon become a baby daddy


The NBA MVP has produced offspring. Or he will produce offspring in the next few weeks. The Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose will soon be a father. Rose’s longtime girlfriend Mieka is 7 1/2 months pregnant.

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Derrick Rose’s Buzzer Beater to defeat Milwaukee Bucks (video)

Derrick Rose-Brandon Jennings

Here it is: Derrick Rose throwing a dagger into the Milwaukee Bucks; giving the Chicago Bulls a road victory.

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Derrick Rose to get $200,000,000 payday from shoe deal


“We played Monopoly with real cash,” urban poet Shawn Carter reminisced, during his poem “I love the Dough;” a collaborative effort with the late, great fellow urban poet Christopher Wallace. The reigning MVP Derrick Rose already got his from the Chicago Bulls, the contract extension he signed in the preseason is worth $20 million a year.

However, it’s chump change compared to what Rose is going to get from Adidas.

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Bulls Derrick Rose named among best all-time McDonald’s All-Americans


The McDonald’s All American Games unveiled its list of the 35 Greatest McDonald’s All Americans, released in celebration of the 35th Anniversary of the McDonald’s All American High School Boys Game. The list is comprised of some of the top names in basketball history, a veritable basketball pantheon, including six players with Chicago connections (Isiah Thomas (1979), Glenn ‘Doc’ Rivers (1980), Michael Jordan (1981), Kevin Garnett (1995), Jay Williams (1999) and Derrick Rose (2007).

Rose, Williams and Jordan, obviously, have suited up for the Bulls. Chicago hosts the Boston Celtics tonight at the United Center, so there will be a special ceremony, as Celtics Coach Doc Rivers will be joined (in addition to Garnett) Paul Pierce who is on the list below.

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Bulls Lose Derrick Rose’s Backup to Injury

c.j. watson

Chicago Bulls guard C.J. Watson sprained his left elbow in the fourth quarter of last night’s game big win in the home opener versus the Memphis Grizzlies.

He was evaluated by Bulls head team physician Dr. Brian Cole and Dr. Greg Nicholson of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush.

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Bulls Derrick Rose: New Adidas Commercial (Video)

Derrick Rose Bulls

The Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose has made headlines this NBA preseason for saying essentially “why can’t I be MVP? Why not Derrick Rose becoming the best player in the league?”

Awareness of this video comes to us via Docksquad Sports. The ad features Ken Jeong, and as we all know, anything with the Spanish teacher on “Community”/the L.A.I.R.E King in “Role Models”/crazy naked guy in trunk from “The Hangover” equals pure awesome.

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“Derrick Rose Rule” part of new NBA CBA; MVP is Surprised


Here’s a story you might have missed during your lockout hangover. I’m not sure myself if I’m over lockout illnes yet. Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose was quite surprised to learn there’s a specific provision in the new NBA collective bargaining agreement named “The Derrick Rose Rule;” which kicks in for players in his peer group.

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Derrick Rose: “I’m going to Win Multiple Championships”


“Not a repeat, or a three-peat, we’re talking Minimum 8-peat my friend,” that’s the words of the famous Saturday Night Live “Superfan” character from the early ’90s comedic sketches. You remember? “Da Bulls.” “Ditka.” “Polish sauasage.” Those portly fellow had a lot of hubris about the Michael Jordan era Chicago Bulls teams.

That hubris in now showing up in NBA MVP and Bulls superstar point guard Derrick Rose. Check out what he said in Spain over the weekend.

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Derrick Rose is OFFICIALLY the NBA MVP, Captain Obvious


So D. Rose will be named league MVP? Good job Captain Obvious.

Please excuse my snarkiness on what should be (and it is) a more joyous occasion. But that home loss in game one hurt. Tomorrow it will be announced- the Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose is the NBA MVP. Just the second in team history (you may have heard of the other one, MJ or something like that) and the youngest MVP in league history.

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Bulls 88, Pacers 84: Game 3 Rapid Reaction, Bulls Up 3-0


Hey look at that! A Luol Deng sighting!

The Chicago Bulls finally got a legitimate second scoring option in their 88-84 win over the Indiana Pacers, as Deng contributed 21 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists. Derrick Rose FINALLY got some scoring help.

-He sure didn’t get any offense from Carlos Boozer, who scored a whopping four, on 2-10 shooting.

-We also saw tonight what happens in the playoffs when Rose has a terribly off night shooting; he was only 3-17 before making the game winning drive. The Bulls still won, despite Rose not being Rose. And the MVP-to-be still wanted the ball in crunch time to make the big play.

-Winning a game or two like this at home could be considered “stealing a win,” but all three, including one at their building- this is just the trend. You can’t really call it winning ugly any more. But you can say “breakout the brooms” on Saturday.

By Paul M. Banks

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For Chicago Bulls, what a Difference a Thibodeau Makes


People like Chicago Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau are a rare breed. Have you ever met anyone who literally made their trade their ENTIRE life? Without exaggeration, their life is actually 100% all vocation; and they choose to have zero personal life.

Thibodeau is one of the people. Basketball is his work/life, he has no distractions of a family, dating etc. (Consumer advocate Ralph Nader is the only other celebrity I can think of also fitting this bill, but I’m sure there are plenty of others).

Bulls players talk about how Coach Thibs doesn’t even go out and have social meals with people on the road. He’s all business, all the time, and last night (and in the series overall) that dedication made all the difference. Just like in game one, also with a narrow margin of victory, the added time in game prep has paid off.

By Paul M. Banks

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