Factors to Consider When Choosing Basketball Shoes


Since not all basketball shoes are made the same, there are some factors that you need to look at before you decide which shoes are the right ones for you. Best Basketball Referee Shoes are can make or break your performance on the court.

  1. Your Position: The first factor to consider when it comes to basketball shoes is your position. Different positions have different demands on the court. Here is a breakdown:
    • Guards: If you are a guard, you will need to be able to move quickly on the court. You will likely want shoes that to not have ankle support and are low-top. That way, you will be able to move with more fluidity around the court.
    • Forwards: If you are a forward, you have different needs than a guard. Since you will need command over the paint, you will want to look for high-top basketball shoes. Heavier shoes work better, especially since forwards are typically more aggressive players. They need the added support and protective coverage.
    • All-Around Players: If you are an all-round player, you need something in between a guard and a forward. You likely need some ankle support, making a mid-top basketball shoe a nice choice for you. Mid-tops give you more flexibility than a high-top would, but more support than a low-top would. They are great for players that play multiple positions as well, combining the best of both worlds.
  2. Sizing: After you have established what your position on the court is, you will need to look at sizing. There are a lot of sizing options out there. You should consult with a size chart for the shoes that you are looking at in order to get an idea of what you should be wearing. Do not guess at sizes or get a size that is not made for your feet. For example, if you have wide feet and are looking at a pair that you think looks great, but do not come in wide sizes, you need to look elsewhere. Instead, look through a list of wide basketball shoes to find a better pair. Wearing a pair that will not fit your feet can harm your performance and ruin a game.
  3. Looks: You will naturally want a pair of basketball shoes that look cool as well. Sure, they need to fit your position and your feet, but you should not settle for shoes that are ugly. There are plenty of basketball shoes out there that should be able to fit your needs and still match your personality. There are a lot of colour schemes out there that you can align with your personality. There are also popular models that come in prints or can even match your uniform. You can even check out what the pros are wearing and see whether you can get a pair that matches their aesthetics while matching your court needs as well.
  4. Construction: The last factor to look at when buying basketball shoes is their construction. Focus on the following parts:
    • Upper: The upper is the height of the shoe, like high-tops, mid-tops, and low-tops.
    • Upper Security: What kind of closure do your shoes have? There are basketball shoes that have laces, of course, but there are also shoes that have zippers, snaps, and even hook and loop closures. You can get a closure that is comfortable to your needs.
    • Midsole: The midsole of your basketball shoe is where you will find the cushion. The midsole offers support. They are normally made up of EVA foams.
    • Outsole: The outsole is the bottom of the shoe. They should be made of rubber and have some kind of traction so you don’t slip around on the floor.

Take your time shopping for your basketball shoes. Do not settle for the first pair you find, even if you like the look of them and find a pair that fits your needs.


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