Bulls vs. Sixers will be a series; other observations and quips



So this is life A.R. after Rose. As you can see above Derrick Rose watched game two of the Chicago Bulls playoff series with the Philadelphia 76ers from a United Center suite with his mom. And his absence explains the final 109-92  score.

For a game recap, with audio from the players and coaches check out this link from Internet FM

-You have to give them this: the Bulls were a very balanced team in the 3rd quarter. Sixers dominated them on both offense and defense. Philly outscored Chi 36-14.

-Lavoy Allen? seriously getting schooled by Lavoy Allen!?

-Jrue Holiday (26 points, 6 assists) is trending now! Nice job Bulls defense!!

Evan Turner (19 pts, 7 reb, 6 ast) is truly embracing his role as villain for this series. Every playoff series has it’s villain, every time Turner touches the ball he gets booed loudly. Every time he fouls the crowd cheers wildly. @thekidet is to this series what Tyler Hansbrough was to the Pacers series last year, or Lebron was to the conference finals.

-Turner is really showing now why he was the #2 pick overall in 2010 out of Ohio State.

-Awwwwwww isn’t that sooooooooo cute? Kyle Korver attempting to play defense.

-Worst half of basketball all season for Chicago and I still stand by my series prediction: Bulls in six. Even with the Rose injury, I still say Bulls in six. But I really don’t like their chances with the Atlanta-Boston winner next round.

-WTF is up with this commercial? We in Chicago don’t talk like this! I’m going to step on that little limey bastard. I HATE THIS GEICO AD

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