12 NBA Players I Want on My Team


Kevin Garnett

It’s nice to have superstars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose on your team. But you can’t have a team of 12 superstars. It’s not possible, at all. You need tough guys on your team, guy that will help motivate their teammates to take their game to another level or guys that will play limited minutes and give unlimited effort. Here are 12 players that I would want on my team, in no particular order.

12. Jason Kidd – Despite being “old as dirt”, Kidd is still a very intelligent player and great on-ball defender. He was a huge reason why the Dallas Mavericks won the championship last season.

11. Tyson Chandler – Defensive Player of the Year this year, Chandler is a great rim-protector. He is a furious competitor as well.

10. Shawn Marion – I like Marion’s on-ball defense and toughness. He did a good job on Kevin Durant last year and this year in the playoffs.

9. Stephen Jackson – “Action Jackson” has gotten a bad-rap throughout his career. I love the way he plays. He plays hard and only hard.

8. Joakim Noah – Noah is a great defensive player who brings emotion to the game. I love the intensity he plays with and doesn’t care what people think of him.

7. Shane Battier – Still a great, hard-nosed defender who has the ability to stifle offensive weapons. He is silent, but deadly.

6. David West – West doesn’t get the respect he deserves. He is a great pick-n-pop player and is playing with great confidence this year.

5. DeShawn Stevenson – I love Stevenson’s defensive ability. This is an under-sized two-guard who guarded LeBron James in the postseason last year. He is a very tough man.

4. Tony Allen – Allen is one of the premier perimeter defenders in basketball. I love his intensity and physical strength. He plays with no limits.

3. Kenyon Martin – Martin is still getting the job done on knees that have been operated on multiple times. He is one of the toughest players in the league. He always has a spot on my roster.

2. Metta World Peace – He might be crazy, but I don’t mind crazy. World Peace gives 100% effort and plays physical.

1. Kevin Garnett – Would you rather have anyone else? Garnett is the most intense player to ever play basketball. He is fear-less and doesn’t care how he gets the job done, just as long as he gets it done. He can be on my team any day.

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