Why Baseball Stadiums are Switching to LED Lights



When you’re at a ballpark enjoying a baseball game, you want to see every stolen base, line-drive, and homerun. If proper, high-efficiency LED sports lighting is being utilized, it creates a more enjoyable game for both players and spectators.

If your eyes are being strained by improper color rendering that creates glare, or there is a poorly lit spot on the field where you’re losing track of play, it can ruin a night out at the ballpark. Let’s find out how switching to LED can save you money and brighten the baseball experience for everyone.

LED Lights Save Money

LED lights last longer and cost less to maintain than other forms of lighting. Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium lights use up to 50% more energy per fixture when compared to an LED luminaire with equal lumens output, and up to 66% more when you consider the energy used by the ballast.

If you work in maintenance or have ever employed a maintenance crew to replace your lighting fixtures, you know how difficult and expensive it can be to replace such highly mounted lights. Fortunately, LED luminaires need much less maintenance when compared to their counterparts.

LED luminaries can last 100,000 hours or more—4 times longer than any of its predecessors. That means a quarter of the maintenance and replacement costs. Plus, LED luminaires are durably built to withstand harsh conditions without losing any lumens or efficiency. Lightweight, long-lasting luminaires can withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive atmospheres without missing a beat.

LED Lights Enhance the Game

Whether you are a facility manager for a school or part of a professional sports league, the quality of your spectator and player experience is of the utmost importance. LED Luminaires operate at a high color rendering index similar to natural sunlight. The result is a glare-free lighting option for a playing field of any size that guarantees optimal visual comfort.

The sharp, bright light also does a spectacular job of focusing light precisely where it’s needed. This ensures that full field coverage is achieved and neither players nor fans are missing any of the action because of poorly lit spots on the field.

The MLB has taken notice of the effectiveness of LED luminaires and began installing LED lighting in 2015. The MLB has strict standards for extremely bright lighting of infields and outfields which proper LED lighting can meet or exceed.

LED Lighting Increases Safety

Both on and off the field, safety is a concern. It can be easy to misstep on a poorly lit set of bleachers or hit a divot on a shadowy section of the turf. The bright, focused light and proper color rendering of an LED Luminaire ensures that no area is without clear coverage.

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