Johnny Damon, just say no to the Boston Red Sox



Johnny Damon was recently claimed off waivers by the Boston Red Sox. He cannot abandon Miguel Cabrera this way during his quest for the triple crown. Damon has been one the top run scorers during this decade; so it would behoove him to have Damon and other Detroit Tigers on base because it would provide more opportunities for Cabrera to drive in runs.

We live in a world where what happened last stays in the mind of the viewer, but it is not impossible for the Tigers to win the American League’s central division. Seriously, I’m, not joking when you consider that they have not yet been on the hot streak the Minnesota Twins have experienced. But you must at least consider this: it’s harder for the Red Sox to make the post season at five and a half games out in the East, while the Tigers are ten behind the Twins. Simply because the Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees will be harder to surpass than the White Sox and Twins. Now that statement doesn’t seem as crazy as it originally sounded, does it?

By: Patrick Herbert

There are certain teams that Damon could not deny if they claim him. Boston was not on the list, so the decision is ultimately his. Damon has been a vagabond during his playing career. Stability is extremely valuable in the sporting world and Damon has the chance to attain it during the twilight of his career. Johnny Damon is a mentor to some outfield youngsters like Austin Jackson and Brennan Boesch. And he’s a big fish in a small pond in Detroit while he would simply be another cog in the wheel in Boston.

Detroit has more forgiving fans than those in the Northeast part of the country. Red Sox nation is nothing if not passionate, but this can be a double edged sword if a player is struggling. Johnny Damon has a penchant for some creative hairstyles. This self-expression is perfect in Detroit: Rock City. The team needs him as the recent loss of Ernie Harwell put a damper on the season. Damon’s work ethic, professionalism, and grit are attributes that are appreciated by this city of auto workers.

His lack of arm strength is easier to hide with the monster close to home plate at Fenway, but his fleetness of foot is a bigger attribute at Comerica Park. It is also easier to place Damon in the designated hitter role in Detroit if he needs a half day off. David Ortiz is at a place in his career where he would be a liability defensively at first base. In addition, Victor Martinez cannot throw out a high percentage of base stealers and is more effective at another position.

The two most important reasons that Johnny Damon must stay with the Tigers are that he could still pronounce the “r” when he says, “park the car” while in Michigan and he would not have to deal with Providence residents on a regular basis. Remember Dumb and Dumber? Will this self-proclaimed “idiot” fit in again?

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