Johnny Damon, just say no to the Boston Red Sox


Johnny Damon was recently claimed off waivers by the Boston Red Sox. He cannot abandon Miguel Cabrera this way during his quest for the triple crown. Damon has been one the top run scorers during this decade; so it would behoove him to have Damon and other Detroit Tigers on base because it would provide more opportunities for Cabrera to drive in runs.

We live in a world where what happened last stays in the mind of the viewer, but it is not impossible for the Tigers to win the American League’s central division. Seriously, I’m, not joking when you consider that they have not yet been on the hot streak the Minnesota Twins have experienced. But you must at least consider this: it’s harder for the Red Sox to make the post season at five and a half games out in the East, while the Tigers are ten behind the Twins. Simply because the Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees will be harder to surpass than the White Sox and Twins. Now that statement doesn’t seem as crazy as it originally sounded, does it?

By: Patrick Herbert

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