The Chicago Cubs week that was and more Cubs stuff



After a crazy Cubs week, full of news and groundbreaking signings like those of Trever Miller and Matt Tolbert combined with another eye-opening list of prospects from BA that no one has ever thought of before, it is hard just to catch one’s breath.

Can you sense the sarcasm? Good, because I am laying it on pretty thick.

And as I am typing this, word breaks across the wire that the Cubs landed themselves and 18-year-old Cuban prodigy. I am pretty sure that I had something to with that by typing the opening paragraph at the precise time I did. You are welcome.

And I digress, it has been rather quiet so new prospect lists are a good way to create conversation and discussion and debate. Who is the Cubs best prospect? I have no idea. That is as honest as I can be.

So, let’s shake it up with some ramblings on a Friday. And I sure hope this can create some good banter to get the Super weekend started.

• Welcome to the Chicago Cubs organizations, Gerardo Concepcion!

• Madonna is the halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl. I prefer Madonna as the entertainment in the thrilling legal feature “Body of Evidence.”


• Scotty B. is not having a lot of success this offseason. Outside of Prince, it is just a slew of one-year contracts.

• I am not upset that Scotty B. is not as successful as usual.

• Yeonis, Soler, Yeonis, Soler, Yeonis, Soler, can we please get some action going soon?

• Happy belated to Mr. Cub!


• I think it is clear that I like Tom Ricketts. But I have to keep the love flowing. He is throwing more money into the Dominican, and the Cubs will have the best facility in the country.

• Hard to knock that in any way, shape or form. This man gets it. This whole thing is moving in a new direction, and it is exciting as hell.

• I am really looking forward to seeing Brett Jackson and Anthony Rizzo in spring training. My gut tells me B-Jax is ready, and he is just waiting to prove it.

• Overall though, I am very excited about Matt Szczur the most.

• What Cubs prospect are you most excited about? Please share with the class.


• Baseball America is in love with Baez. That is going out on a limb as far as I’m concerned. Ranking a totally unproven player second in an organization just seems silly.

• Then again, I am sure the good folks at BA really care about my thoughts.

• How much money is Garza going to get?

• I really hope Starlin’s legal troubles are resolved by Spring Training. And if he’s guilty, he should do the time.

• My point being is that I really would hate to have this hover over the entire team. History shows one person’s problems can have a horrible effect on a group.

• Derrick Rose is unbelievably good.


• When the Cubs new facility opens in Mesa, the team will have two unbelievable practice facilities in two different countries. That is just good stuff.

• With the increase in international complexes, I would not be surprised to see teams start building bases near the Pacific Rim. Especially based on the results of the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

• For all of you planning on getting to Arizona this spring, that is awesome. Enjoy.

• Also, I am extremely jealous.

• I perused the list of non-roster invitees. If any make the 25-man roster, I would bet on Manny Corpas or Alfredo Amezaga. How about you?

• Again, welcome Gerardo. All the best!


• Enjoy your Super Bowl weekend. Next sports stop: SPRING TRAINING!!

Thanks for riding along.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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