Mets Pitcher Loses it at Wrigley



By Paul M. Banks 

Thanks to Dan Biederman at for showing me this video of New York Mets pitcher Joe Smith (no, not the former NBA #1 draft pick out of Maryland Joe Smith) losing his cool in the outfield of Wrigley. Memo to Mr. Smith, yes, the people in the stands heckling have an annual salary of about 1/100,000 of what most major league players make in a week. But when you return fire on the fans, you are certainly not above the people that came to see you perform. You knew coming into Wrigley Field that it would be full of surly and semiretarded Cubs fans. Cub fans getting drunk and instigating confrontation? This is not news to anyone. Then again, you’re a Met, so you exist mostly to be a punchline for David Letterman monologues anyway, plus you have to play all your home games this season in a gigantic steel and concrete toilet.

Take heed when playing this video: you’ll hear the word “shit” a lot and the person doing the “play-by-play” is awfully boring, dull, and Captain Obvious. His commentating is so bland and banal, you’ll long for Tim McCarver….ok, maybe it’s not that bad! 



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  1. Kinda reminds me of the time Allen Iverson flipped me off and called me a bitch for telling Stackhouse he was worthless. There’s just something so sad about pro athletes who get heckled every single night randomly cracking and responding. When you let the fans get under your skin and respond back, you’ve officially hit rock bottom.

  2. The Statue of Harold Baines says

    Stackhouse is worthless! you were right to do that. I lost some respect for A.I. on that. I know Charles Barkely said “I’m not a role model, I’m not here to raise your kids.” but once athletes reach the main stage like that, they truly are role models for children. This guy (and A.I.) set a horrible example. will somebody please think of the children?

  3. A.I. is not on my top players list either. When I was in Philly on business three years back he was with one other guy guy drinking in the hotel bar, that was empty. One of my employees asked him for his autograph for her son and he put up his hand and said “damn b—h can’t you see I’m having a conversation?” and then pretended like she was not there. Now I know I’m not 1/1000th the celebrity he is, but I don’t need to earn millions to know it’s the fans who make us who we are.

  4. Paul -this could make for an interesting writers poll. Worst interaction with a sports star and best interaction. Wrigley has a history of actions like this. Remember when Roger MCDowell and the Dodgers bullpen started fighting with a bunch of fans because a fan pulled off his hat? Mark Buehrle once said Wrigley is the place in the majors to play if you are a visiting player. Stuff like this happens all the time and yet The Cell is called he “thug” place because of those two drunk jokers from alsip that charged the field and jumped the Royals first base coach.

  5. Final Thought: Jose Conseco once motioned to me to “perform” on him after being heckled for dropping a fly ball. Of course we all know now while Jose had anger control or “rage” issues. LOL

  6. The Statue of Harold Baines says

    Don’t forget about the guy who attacked the umpire on the field at the cell the year after that!

  7. Mad Love says

    You know what? I hate the Mets with a passion. Always have. In fact, my despise for them has always been more fervent than that of the Cards. It’s New York, and New York is the devil incarnate, on every level – except calzones, of course. Can’t deny that.

    But this bit of heckling is actually a GOOD thing I think. Talk about reinvigorating the rivalry that went away for a while since the teams have been in different divisions! Cub fans NEEDED this. I want all of you to have the same disdain for the Mets as I’ve carried all these years. It has to be that way. St. Louis vs. Chicago is nowhere NEAR as fun as New York vs. Chicago.

    So, keep it coming Joe Smithson … Smithberg … Smithson …. whatever your name is. I could care less. You’re a mere little nothing when it comes to Major League Baseball. You hav a nice ERA and may make something of yourself in long relief bullpens throughout baseball for 6-7 years before a arm injury ends your career. When that day comes, it may be a good idea for you to revive your relationship with the Bleacher Bums. But until then, keep giving em shit. At this point, it’s the most important thing you’ve ever done.

  8. paulmbanks says

    I agree with Mad Love that Chicago vs. New York is a much more fun rivalry to have than Chicago vs. St. Louis. I referred to Shea Stadium as a toliet in ballpark form in this posting, but St. Louis is like a toilet dispersed across an entire city. (with the exception of Nelly of course, STL does of that going for them) I heart New York and I hate Cardinal fans religiously, but hating the Apple is more of a challenge, hating “the Lou” is too easy. And I don’t think anyone here has any love for the Yankees

  9. Seymour Pennants says

    Babe Ruth farted at me after we called him a fatass from the stands sometime back in the ’30s. God only knows what crawled up and died inside The Babe’s huge tush, but it cleared the stands. But the best yet…

    …. Pittsburgh fans used to throw D Cell batteries at Dave Parker (the star of their own team) in the outfield when he was having a bad year back in the 80’s, based on Bob Prince (Pittsburgh’s version of Harry Caray) suggesting Parker needed a charge.

    How bad would a D Cell battery hurt? Parker wore his batting helmet into the outfield that season.

    Seymour Pennants

  10. Prof. B says

    I like Chicago and New York, and have lived in both. I have way too much respect for its history to rag on Chicago–except the chicks are sort of midwestern middleminders. Boston is another story but that’s no rivalry, it’s just Boston feeling inferior and us ignoring them. Sooooo? The Mets have always been badly behaved, see that book The Bad Guys Won about the 86 WS team. Watching the Yankees crush the Mets in the 2000 wS ended this whole subway series bragging rights thing. You could argue that the bad guys won that year too. Leave New York alone, it’s just a buch of starbucks and disney stores now like everywhere else, and the residents are all faux urbanites who grew up in suburbia and have maintained that mindset. It’s boring, it’s safe. There’s nothing there anymore.

  11. Dan Biederman says

    Totally agreed re: the revival of the Mets-Cubs rivalry. Don’t get me wrong, I HATE the Cardinals and all of their hillbilly fans (remember: CARDINALS TAKE IT IN THEIR PUJOLS!…sorry, I couldn’t resist), but the Cubs-Mets rivarly has been pretty dormant for decades.

    Fans in their early to mid-20s like myself of course don’t remember the ’69 collapse first-hand, so our hatred for all things Mets and all things Gotham City isn’t solidified…yet. What a great year to restart this rivalry too, seeing as it’s the last year at Shea.

    On a side note, have you ever heard Ron Santo talk about his pure hatred of the Mets and Shea. He tells a really funny story about how his toupee once caught fire when he stood up for the Anthem in the press box before a Cubs-Mets game a few years ago. If you’ve never heard it, it’s only May, so he’ll tell it at least 15 more times on the air before the season is over.

  12. Matt Saracen "QB #1" says

    I enjoy Ron Santo’s grunts and groans the air. I have not heard this story about this toupee, but I look forward to it. Shea Stadium is a dump!


  13. Smash WIlliams says

    The Smash agrees with everything his quarterback said in the last post. The Smash is too young to remember the ’69 collapse, but the Smash is also sick of hearing about the 1969 Cubbies…becuase the didnt win anything, unlike the Smash who always takes care of business.

    “Talk to the Smash baby!”

  14. paulmbanks says

    Smash Williams and Matt Saracen? I can’t wait until Coach Taylor shows up “Full Hearts. Clear Eyes. Can’t Lose!”

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