Cubs Co-Owner Todd Ricketts Named to Donald Trump Cabinet Position



TD Ameritrade Founder Joe Ricketts donated $1 million to the Donald Trump Presidential campaign. Today, that favor is returned to the family in an obvious display of political logrolling with Chicago Cubs co-Owner Todd Ricketts being given a Trump Presidential Cabinet position.

According to Jennifer Jacobs, Political Reporter for Bloomberg News, Ricketts will be named Deputy Commerce Secretary. He’ll report to the new Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross.

So much for that “drain the swamp” campaign promise and marketing slogan of Trump, as this could be the third billionaire to be named to a cabinet position. Sounds like a quid pro quo; business as usual in D.C.

You might recall, as it was only this past February, when Donald Trump publicly trashed Todd Ricketts. Well, then it appears the two have made up since then.

Trump called out the Ricketts family for funding his political rivals. Have a look below:

Yes, Trump threatened to expose Ricketts family secrets, after Joe Ricketts’ wife, Marlene, gave an initial $3 million earlier this year to the anti-Trump group Our Principles PAC.

At the time, Cubs owner Tom Ricketts said: “It’s a little surreal when Donald Trump threatens your mom.”

The Ricketts are the 66th wealthiest family in America, and the family contains some extreme right-wing zealots within it. Obviously, the Ricketts tried to use their money and clout to empower an anybody but Trump GOP Presidential nominee;  and that effort failed. I guess that million dollar donation kind of washes everything away.

It’s worth noting by the way that the hometown of the 2016 World Series Champions voted for Hillary Clinton to the tune of 85%.

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