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Peter Christian, Soxman and Paul M. Banks break down what each MLB contender needs to make the play-offs

Trade Rumors begin to heat up as the MLB trade deadline approaches.  The deadline is 4 p.m. ET on Thursday, July 31. Until then teams may trade players freely without having to go through the waiver process.


The Red Sox might be the most rock solid team in baseball. A killer line-up, an opportunistic bench, a tailor made post-season rotation and a sound defense help them be the overall favorite to be winning in October.They do have one micro weakness, however. The bullpen. Three of their 5 most used relievers sport an ERA of 4.5+ and even the normally rock solid Jonathan Papelbon has a bit of an inflated ERA (for his standards). Boston has one glaring piece to move if GM Theo Epstein decides to dabble. Coco Crisp has been on the block since the end of last season, but in order to move him they may have to package a young prospect for a team to take on Crisp’s $5 million contract. Boston ’s farm system isn’t super deep, but the cupboard isn’t exactly bare either. If Theo thinks he is just one move away from repeating as World Series Champs there isn’t any one single minor league stud he wouldn’t move to achieve that goal. If the Red Sox make a transaction, they would probably go out and get an innings eater or maybe a reliable right-hander to compliment Okajima in the 7th and 8th innings.

–Peter Christian


I have to agree with you that the one thing Boston needs is a reliever. Tampa Bay is for real, but they are starting to come back to Earth now, so Boston’s chances are looking even better. Even though manager Terry Francona showed a lot of unfair cronyism with a few of his All-Star selections, there is a legitimate reason Boston was better represented in the Midsummer Classic than any other Major League squad. They have the most talent of any team and a GM who has proven himself a leader who will get things done. We’ve seen the ESPN “Where is Titletown?” segment on Sportscenter all summer long. Currently, Boston is clearly it and this October, los calceintes rojos are likely to further that reputation.

–Paul M. Banks


The Boston Red Sox are looking very good right now as David Ortiz homered in his first rehab start on July 17th.  Still, the Red Sox have proven they are not afraid to make a move to ensure success.  The injury to Julio Lugo could lead them to trade for a veteran like Omar Vizquel or Jack Wilson.  Christian Guzman would also look good in a Red Sox uniform.  As Ortiz looks like he’s going to be ok, I think it is safe to rule out Mark Teixeira.

–The Soxman

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