Bret Bielema’s wife, Jen Bielema, Inspires QOTY Candidate



With Illinois hiring Bret Bielema today as their new head football coach, we flash back to November of 2015 in this piece from Nov. 27, 2015, so enjoy.

The wife of Bret Bielema, Jen Bielema, whose maiden name is Jennifer Hielsberg, inspired what is quite possibly the quote of the year this college football season.

Here’s the video clip:

Following his game on November 14th, the Arkansas Razorbacks and former Wisconsin coach said in his post game press conference that he was excited about “hopping on his wife,” before correcting the Freudian slip, to what he really mean to say:

“hop on a plane with my wife.”

CFB QOTY- College Football Quote of the Year material right there. In case you’re interested here’s more on Jen Bielema.



She’s a 2004 college graduate (which would probably make her approximately 33 years old currently) who majored in psychology. The former bank teller met Bret in Las Vegas while she was vacationing from that job in Tampa, Florida.

She was an aspiring model/actress, and the story goes that they met at the same table in a casino.

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  1. “graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2004…..Jen is 27”

    So you’re saying she graduated college when she was 19?

  2. She graduated from Florida State. Did you do any research on this article?

  3. If there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that guys with hot wives never have affairs. Gotta hand it to those Arkansas fans for their logic.

  4. Why would you bother showing this on your website. What a jerk. This is everything that’s wrong with journalism today.

  5. don’t blame me for the faulty fact-checking, blame the source I quoted.

  6. Of course she is a gold-digger. They are all over the place. EVERY hot chick is a gold-digger. And don’t flame me. It’s obvious.

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