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The Belmont Stakes, the final leg of the Triple Crown Series will commence on June 8, 2019. This will conclude the initial two legs of the Triple Crown Series which is the Kentucky Derby held on the 4th of May and the Preakness Stakes which will follow by May 18, 2019. The Belmont Stakes also serves as the most anticipated horse racing showdown out of the two because it is where the Triple Crown Winner will be determined.

Aside from the fact that a lot of horse racing fans are looking forward to an excellent racing showdown this year, most of them wanted to take part in betting for the Belmont Stakes winner at the same time the possible Triple Crown snatcher. Actually, it is also expected that the horse entries joining the Kentucky and Preakness will ultimately head on to the Belmont Stakes tournament.

While it is true that picking the right Belmont Winner might seem easy because you can already determine which entries had made a winning finish in the first two major legs, for some bettors it still entails a difficult job. In most cases, when a horse racer has shown a stunning performance in Kentucky and Preakness they might still end up losing the Belmont. Hence, in this article, we’d like to give you some easy points you need to take note in order to avoid possible betting mistakes you might commit once you partake in the 2019 Belmont Stakes.

Falling In Love With Kentucky And Preakness Champs

To be honest, this is the most common mistake that every bettor are committing. As you might have observed, the entries that might get the highest odds when Belmont Stakes comes are those entries who had to make it to the Kentucky and Preakness. To be honest, there is nothing wrong if you want to bet for these favorites; however, this is something you may want to think twice this year.

Also, if you refer to Belmont stakes 2019, you’ll that the horse superstars of Kentucky and Preakness are the ones who are getting higher odds and sometimes they can make it to the Triple Crown. The purpose why you only need to avoid putting everything to these favorites is that you need to be objective with your bets. Take note that this year’s edition of Triple Crown Series especially the Belmont Stakes will be attended by the strongest contenders across the country and that should give you enough reason to logically place your bets so you won’t end up losing your betting game.

Disregarding Horse Racer That End Up In Lower Ranks

When a horse racer ended up in a lower rank by the time they ran in Kentucky and Preakness, it doesn’t mean you have to avoid betting for them. Most of the time bettors disregard them because they think they won’t make it in Belmont, but suddenly they are surprised because they end up as champions. You need to carefully assess each entry and identify what possible problems had occurred why they faced a challenge as they run in Kentucky and Preakness.

Also, you must consider the traffic, the type of race track, the weather condition, and other factors that might affect the performance of the horse racer. In some cases, controlling jockeys may also contribute to the performance of the horse racer and this is also another reason you might contemplate.

Giving New Entries Much Credit

If most of the horse entries joining the Kentucky and Preakness are gracing the Belmont Stakes, bear in mind that there will also be fresh entries which will be added to the racing line-up. Common mistakes of some bettors are that they give much importance to these new entries thinking that they can do better compared to the Kentucky and Preakness entries.

In fact, these fresh entries may not have enough experience in the race track and that they are still adjusting to the type of racing game they are joining. It’s not bad to give a chance to bet for these fresh entries, but you also have to make sure that you do not forget to bet for those experienced horses from Kentucky and Preakness as they might have a higher probability of winning.

Betting For Too Many Entries

The Belmont Stakes betting game comes in different and various categories like the other two major Triple Crown legs. At the same time, this is often attended by a lot of horse racing entries fully trained with confidence, speed, agility, and strength. Take note that there are many entries that you can bet, but this is something you must avoid in Belmont betting game.

It is best that you narrow down your choice of entries and bet for someone you are certain of winning. Lastly, it is also important that you carefully check the previous forms of each entry you would like to bet to make sure that you have enough knowledge on how they can perform inside the race track.

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