Philadelphia Flyers Fans Boo Anti-Cancer Video, NHL Stars in It



Booing Santa Claus, throwing batteries, “winning” the 2009 Daily Show New York vs. Philly sports fan “Douche-off” cheering for crippling injuries; this is what lies on the resume of the Philadelphia sports fan.

And now this: brutally booing a promo trying to fund research to fight cancer.

During Wednesday night’s Philadelphia Flyers home game against the Vancouver Canucks, the arena played a Hockey Fights Cancer commercial between periods.

Featured in the video are three NHL superstars: Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks and Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres.

All of them loudly booed by a noticeable group of fans, even though all they were doing was simply asking for support in the fight against cancer in the video.

Cheering against cancer research? REALLY?

How brain-dead and meathead can one truly become in regards to their sports team. Rooting for your logo and clothes superseded trying to stop the plague of the 21st century. REALLY?

The video is below

Sidney Crosby is brutally hated in Philadelphia simply because he’s the biggest star for the neighboring team, possibly in all the league. Jonathan Toews celebrated with the Stanley Cup on Flyers ice in game six of 2010. I guess they’re still a little bitter that the Hawks denied them.

Ryan Miller (Go Green!) was one of the Flyers’ biggest adversaries in last year’s playoffs. So I get it, I see why they hate these guys. But it’s time to step outside of “being a Flyers fan.” There’s a lot more to life. I’m a two-time cancer survivor myself. Two years before I was diagnosed the first time, I watched my mother conquer cancer. In 2000, I was given a 50-50 chance of survival. Well, obviously I pulled through and ten years later I got to see my hometown Blackhawks celebrate the biggest glory on Flyers home ice.

So the only thing I would like to say to those Flyers fans booing the ad, and those that somehow, someway defend them is “I hope you cried yourself to sleep the night of game six of the 2010 Stanley Cup, and that the loss left you devastated with depression for weeks. I hope you see this post, but I’m not sure any of you have the capacity to actually read.”

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  1. Really? this is not news. This is someone who hates on Philadelphia trying to stir the pot about how bad the fans are. They aren’t booing cancer research, they are booing the players. If you did your research, you will find that Philadelphia has 3 of the top 50 cancer hospitals. Where thousands of Phialdelphia fans work, and dedicate their lives to.

  2. This is an absolutely rediculous story, and is one on a long line of stories that only focus on the fans here in Philadelphia. Sure let’s all forget about the SF Giants fan who was punched senseless into the hospital for weeks (by Dodger fans if i remember), or Detriot fans who caused a NBA player to run into the stands and start punching them. A story isn’t made by those unfortunate happenings if its not in Philadelphia. Let’s also forget about the passion we have for current and former players at their best and worst times. Every player that comes back to Philadelphia in recent years has been applauded like none other (Pat Burrell, Cliff Lee, Myers, JA Happ, Brian Dawkins, etc), and wouldn’t get that kind of ovation anywhere else. Shut up already about Santa Clause incident and move on.

  3. Of course, they’re booing the players I pointed out the specific reasons why for each player. But they boo in spite of the context- which is crass and low brow. I’m sure Philly does have some wonderful hospitals and medical research facilities. But what does that exactly have to do with an article on the city’s hockey fans.

    to show that I’m not biased, if the same thing happened in Chicago, I wouldn’t say “oh, well that’s fine..cuz maybe some of the fans at the United Center that night work at Rush-Presbyterian or Cook County Hospital, or UIC Medical Center. And they probably treat cancer patients during the day at their jobs, so it’s all good.”

    and the medical district is literally two blocks away from the arena. But it still doesn’t matter, because it’s a non-sequitur. Your argument doesn’t make sense.

  4. paulmbanks says

    how are you guys treating Evan Turner? I’m not being a smart-ass, I honestly want to know what you think of him. As the #2 overall pick, and a HUGE disappointment his rookie year, I’m curious to how warmly he’s received in Philadelphia. And if he can stomach the criticism.

    He’s from Chicago and I covered him extensively in college. I know that dealing with critics is not his strong point, so I’m curious as to how he’s holding up over there.

  5. Hey Paul, if you wanna use that non-sequitur argument for their responses, shouldn’t you know how to use it yourself? because, if we went by your use of the word, then the fact that they were booing the players is what matters, and the fact it was a commercial for cancer is a non-sequitur. just saying.

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