Chicago Ruling Czar Daley makes cliched bet with San Jose



Mayor (well, actually ruling Emperor) Richard M. Daley wagered a package of local food, drink and other products with the Mayor of San Jose on the success of the Chicago Blackhawks in the upcoming Western Conference Finals against the San Jose Sharks.

“The excitement over the Blackhawks has been great for the city of Chicago,” Daley said in a City Hall news conference at which he was joined by Blackhawks chairman Rocky Wirtz and other team officials.

“Their success has brought new fans to the game of hockey, and has inspired Chicagoans who aren’t at the United Center to head out to neighborhood bars and restaurants to watch the games to cheer them on,” Daley said.

To demonstrate his confidence in the Hawks, Daley made a friendly wager with Mayor Chuck Reed of San Jose on the outcome of the series.

This wager includes products from these great Chicago companies:

– Kim & Scott’s Pretzels

– Harry Caray’s Restaurant

– Al’s Beef

– Terry’s Toffee

– Vitner’s Chips

– Windy City Soda

– Billy Goat Tavern

– World Famous Chocolate

– Abundance Bakery

– Connie’s Pizza

– Vienna Beef

– Azteca Products

– Garrett Popcorn Shops

– Golden Dragon Fortune Cookies

– Half Acre Brewery

– Robinson’s Ribs

– Illinois Specialty Cut Flowers

– BJ’s Market

– Eli’s Cheesecake

san-jose-sharks game introduction

“Chicagoans are passionate about their sports teams, and the Hawks are bringing people together, which has been terrific for the spirit of our city,” Daley said. “We’re proud of the way they are representing the people of Chicago and the great history of the NHL’s Original Six.”


  1. paulmbanks says

    The press release did not say what we get when the Blackhawks win the series- I’m guessing a bunch of Silicon valley microchips, a Cisco Systems router, a new Apple Ipad, a case of wine from somewhere a couple hours north of SJ, and some pretty good, but not excellent Mexican food. That’s about all I can think of when it comes to San Jose

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