How to Deal with a Training Injury While Getting on With Real Life


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One thing that separates the majority of us from professional athletes, other than skill and natural aptitude, is that we have so many other competing factors on our time that get in the way of training for the sport we love so much. This is put most into focus when trying to recover from an injury as well as work and other factors that need to go on we must ensure the best possible recovery while juggling everything we have going. 

Time Off Work 

If you need some physical recovery time, then it may be possible a break from work is necessary. This might seem relatively simple on the face of it; however, if you go to your boss, then it is inevitable that you will be asked how you got your injury. Some companies are less than thrilled to find out you became incapacitated through an activity you willfully engaged in. This may be harsh, but consider checking your contract to see what pay you may be entitled to when off, as many workers are not allowed to sick pay. It may be possible to work from home, depending on your position. 

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Not Too Soon 

No matter how much they pressure you, it’s vital not to rush back to work too soon, and you could exacerbate your injury. The only people you should be looking to for a timeline on recovery should be your doctor or physio.  

Medical Bills 

Medical bills are never cheap, and if you are having any issues with not being entitled to sick pay or on reduced wages, then it’s essential to make sure your medical bills are covered. If you are provided insurance by your work’s insurance plan, then it’s okay. But if you are suddenly finding yourself with no coverage, then this is going to be tricky. If you are entitled to some state aid such as Medicare, this might be enough, and if you get a policy from someone like Mutual of Omaha to cover out of pocket expenses. 

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Recovery is difficult, and especially since you are going to be in a situation where you will be unable to exercise or train in the usual manner. Thus, it is vital to make sure that you keep to a beneficial diet for the situation you are in. It would be best if you reassessed the calories that you are taking in as your output level will be way down.  

Ease Back In 

When you look to start getting back into training, it’s essential not to go too far too soon. Otherwise, you may be risking re-injury. You may want to begin by doing some light recovery work from home, and you can even get trainers who are experienced in doing virtual sessions online. Once you do get back to full training it’s good to have a schedule that you can work towards, but be prepared to be flexible and adjust if you need to go more slowly or quickly as your recovery dictates. 

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