3 ways to encourage your children to play more sports 



Whether it be going for long family walks and cycle rides or playing a game of football with their friends, exercise is beneficial and necessary for children. Not only does it promote bone and muscle strength, but it also prevents weight gain and keep their hearts and other vital organs healthy. As well as the physical benefits there are other benefits too.  

Team sports are a great way for kids to learn teamwork and, when playing competitively against other children, teaches them how to cope with the emotions that come with winning as well as losing. Playing sports can help to promote better sleeping routines and is a really fun way to stay active.  

Some children, however, aren’t as interested in sports as you might like them to be, so now and again, you might need to give them a little nudge to make them a little more active. Here are 3 ways to encourage your children to play more sports.  

Watch sports on TV 

Whilst you might be trying to avoid your kids watching too much TV, watching sports now and again is a great way to get your children to feel a bit more excited about it. Seeing the players in action, listening to the crowd, and seeing the blanket of emotion when a game is over can also encourage children.  

Explain the rules, chat with them when the match is on, and make sure they understand the rules. Once a child knows how the scoring works and understands the function of different players, they will be far more inclined to want to get out there and have a go themselves. 

Go shopping for products together 

If your child enjoys playing a particular sport, you can encourage them to play more by getting them their own gear. Having a kit that belongs to them can make a child take their sport more seriously and focus their minds on improving their technique. They will be far more enthusiastic if they can show off what they chose from the current range of New Balance cricket bats, or run around the home pitch in a trendy new pair of basketball shoes.  

Of course, it makes sense to wait until you know that your child is likely to stick at their sport, but if you are sure they just need a little push in the right direction, a shopping spree might be a good idea.  

Explain the benefits 

Whilst you want to make things fun and positively encourage them, it’s also important for children to be informed about why physical activity is necessary. Explain in an age-appropriate manner the many ways that exercise can benefit their bodies, and how sports can teach some very important life lessons. It’s wise not to focus too heavily on weight or physical appearance but be as honest as you feel they would understand. An open and informative conversation might make them more inclined to want to keep their bodies in tip-top health. 


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